Our lives tend to be overwhelmed with to-do lists. We make lists upon lists of people to call, emails to write, tasks to complete, things to buy; it’s never ending. When we lay our heads down at night our minds are often still churning, running through the responsibilities of the coming day. We finish one task, make a check off the list and then promptly move on to the next. There is always more to be done. Some phases of life are just going to be plain busy, there’s really no way around it.

But let me tell you, if you are anything like me these ceaseless to-do lists can really put a damper on a good celebration. When we think of celebrations we generally tend to focus on the calendar holidays. We usually don’t have any problem stepping out of our routine for the day and celebrating times like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day or my personal favorite, New Years. But what about a Friday afternoon happy hour with your girlfriends to celebrate the beginning of the weekend? Or a solo spa day to reward yourself for working hard? How do we take time to celebrate the little things in life, or do we even try?

Our culture places a lot of value on the to-do list. We are pressured to be more productive, more accomplished, more efficient. Busyness is encouraged and even rewarded. And when we do take the time for life’s little celebrations we are often conditioned to be constantly thinking about the work that still needs to be done, so much so that we have a hard time enjoying the present. We may even experience feelings of guilt, the never-ending list looming over our heads.

Yet there is so much value in celebrating our experiences in life, however big or small they may be. A good work ethic is important, sure. But also important is celebrating who you are, the good people around you and the beauty in the world. Celebration is what life is all about! It revitalizes and motivates us to continue being the best we can be. It sustains our joy, allows us to take a break from the routine for good conversation or life-giving laughter. Really, it’s a huge part of self-care and healthy living. Celebrating life should one of our biggest priorities, at the very top of the to-do lists.

I encourage you to really take time to celebrate the small things in life. I mean, really celebrate. Turn the computer off, silence the phone and put the unfinished tasks out of your mind. Then think about the celebrations that are the most meaningful to you. Maybe it’s a night out with friends, or getting your nails done and pampering yourself for an afternoon. Perhaps it’s taking a special trip, or a night in with a glass of wine and a good book. Maybe it’s sleeping in and taking the morning slowly, helping yourself to a second cup of coffee and lounging in bed a little longer. Whatever it is for you, unashamedly celebrate anything and everything in your life that you believe deserves some recognition. Don’t limit celebration to calendar events, but rather celebrate all in all areas of life!

The to-dos may not be finished just yet, but they can wait. Free yourself of the guilt and know that life isn’t measured by the amount of tasks completed. This is your one and only wild and precious life and that, darling reader, is truly cause for a celebration!

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  1. the image credit doesn’t exist anymore. Just wanted to let you know it’s of Jessie Andrews.

  2. Why is it that while reading this article i said to myself, ‘Ah, i should add this to my list, i never take enough time to appreciate my daily life’. Ironic considering that all we seem to do these days is make never ending lists. I read this quote reciently and it said,”Stop the glorification of busy”. I really feel like we as a culture value the hustle more than we value our daily lives. We all need to slow down take a deep breath and realize that we have a lifetime to accomplish our dreams.

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