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Every woman wants to look and feel her best. Personal styling service Jackie exists for this very reason—to empower women to be their most authentic selves through the clothes they wear. Add personal styling with quality brands, plus a lot of positivity and encouragement, and there you have Jackie.

Darling got to sit down with Jackie founder, Amber Duncan, to learn more about the styling guru and the monthly subscription box for women. This wife, mother of five and owner of multiple businesses has a lot on her plate, but Duncan has managed to strike a balance between work and purpose, both of which she has found in Jackie.

Here’s what Duncan had to say about her journey on starting Jackie and the what the brand looks like today:

What inspired you to create Jackie?

I created Jackie in response to my own personal experience with subscription clothing boxes. I couldn’t seem to find a styling service that met my expectations. I felt that quality and connection were key to the success of the box, but often missing from the equation.

I decided to launch Jackie with those two key elements in mind, focusing on quality relationships between subscriber and stylist as well as quality, boutique brands. 

What makes Jackie unique from other styling services?

Each client has a personal relationship with their assigned stylist. Our box consists of boutique brands that are curated by the stylist based on the lifestyle of their client. We want to be a go-to for our clients and more than that, we want to be accessible. In today’s digital age, businesses have forgotten the power of connection, and we want to create a place that not only provides clothing for women, but also empowers and supports them through each phase of life.

We want to create a place that not only provides clothing for women, but also empowers and supports them.

In addition to styling women across the U.S., we host in-house events that strive to create an encouraging community for our local supporters and subscribers. Events touch on subjects like sustainability, business development and gratitude. We also offer in-house styling sessions for local clients, allowing them a guided shopping experience. 

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What does a typical day leading the Jackie team look like?

Every day at the Jackie headquarters looks different. I love the team we have here, and our office is one that invites creativity. I consider myself a team member, and collectively, we are constantly striving to improve our customer service along with the overall customer experience.

I am a big proponent of practicing open and honest communication in our space. When I lead team meetings, I am always encouraging the team to share ideas and create meaningful conversation that goes beyond the office. I find that this commitment to genuine, honest conversation trickles down to our communication style with our clients, which makes our clients feel comfortable. 

How do you manage being a CEO with a life outside of work?

Balance always seems to be a challenge while juggling being married, having five children and running multiple businesses. While being a CEO poses its challenges, I love creating and building teams with the right people in place. It allows me to find balance and set up structures to manage each business effectively without physically being present everyday.

My personal health is a priority, so making daily time for myself is high on my list. This allows me to be the best version of myself in every arena. I also enjoy traveling and feel it is important to truly unplug and allow myself to be inspired by the places I have the privilege of visiting. Time with family and my husband outside of my business life if a crucial piece to my success.

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Once a shopper signs up for Jackie, what is the process?

When someone submits an application to join our styling community, it is reviewed by our Enrollment Department to see if we feel we would be a good fit for the applicant. Once a decision is made, our Enrollment Specialists reach out to the client to give them the good news and inform them of the process.

At that time, the client chooses the frequency of delivery for her box. The client is now assigned to the stylist that we feel would best identify with not just her personal style but also her lifestyle. The stylist connects with the assigned client to learn more about the client and understand what a day in the life looks like. It is our goal to learn not only what each woman hopes to add to her wardrobe, but to have a deep-rooted understanding of what her day to day will bring.

It is our goal to… have a deep-rooted understanding of what her day to day will bring.

Is she a mom who will be running from after school pick up to soccer practice? Is she a business owner who is always on the go? From there, a box is curated and sent out within 5-7 days of enrollment. This initial process is so important to us at Jackie. It lays the foundation for the relationship that our stylists build with their clients over the months to come.

How do you select brands for Jackie and your sustainable subscription box?

Our Buyers do their due diligence when selecting brands for both Jackie and Jackie V, our sustainable and ethical subscription clothing box. We want to keep it simple for our clients and only want to provide quality brands that will stand the test of time and wear.

Jackie V goes the extra mile to research how the goods are made and what materials are used in the process. Jackie V has done an incredible job with identifying sustainable and ethical brands that are not only quality, but are also in alignment with the core values that so many women share centered around living a conscious lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on personal style? Have you ever tried a styling subscription box like Jackie? 

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  1. I love this! I’ve never considered a subscription box… until now! I will be looking into getting a Jackie subscription

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