The Undeniable Pleasures of Travelling in South Africa

South Africa is a nation overrun with beauty. South Africa is one of the few countries in the world that literally offers every type of geographic terrain you might want to visit.  For example: 

  • Watch local and national sporting events
  • Enjoy wine tasting
  • Surf at famous beaches
  • Feed and play with wild animals
  • Visit national parks

Sports – a Guide to the Heart of South Africa's Soul

South Africa's heart and soul lies with its sporting teams. While at a pub or restaurant you can easily order a delicious meal consisting of Springbok.   You're going to find much more excitement if you watch the actual springbok rugby team compete. Passionate fans throughout South Africa love to play and experience sporting events. Even when you are not in the country you can respark that same joy you felt with rugby, cricket and soccer with online sport betting. Online South African sportsbooks make it easy to find the teams you grew to love during your vacation and rekindle your passion for their camaraderie and team spirit.

Wine and Dine

When you visit South Africa, you can enjoy some of the finest restaurants while sitting and the Victoria and Albert Wharf, looking out over the ocean in front of you and Table Mountain behind you. You can then try some local wine tasting with a trip through the countryside by heading to Stellenbosch, home to a popular University and some of the top wine manufacturers and Vineyards in the entire country. It is a beautiful place to visit complete with rows and rows of grapes juxtaposed by the beautiful mountains in the background.   

While in a big city like Cape Town there is much to be explored particularly Robben's Island where Nelson Mandela was held. Of course the big cities are not just in the south. Travellers can head to the eastern coast to the popular cities like Victoria or up to Johannesburg to learn more about the rich history of the nation, how the colorful flag was designed to represent the black and white communities, the oceans, the green hills and mountains, and the vineyards, and the red representing the red dirt of the land. These cities all have reputable museums and historical institutions.

Travelling in South Africa

Water Sports and Beaches

Travel to South Africa safely with your surfboard in tow. If you wthe best in big wave surfing, Jeffreys Bay is a famous point along the coast where surfers compete internationally and test their skills on some of the most challenging and omnipresent waves.  The beaches are famous for their beauty and there is nothing quite as stunning as hiking along the beach and seeing multiple sets of mountain ranges especially the tablecloth of fog that falls ever so stunningly over the top of Table Mountain and down the sides. Adventurers can try their luck at things like horseback riding along the beach, zip lining through the forest, bungee jumping off a bridge, or heading to famous wild animal parks for a tour of the big five.  There are hikes throughout the Southern and Central parts of the state that look like nothing else, terrain similar to what you would see on Mars, but a wonderful chance to explore something new.

Family Adventures

Families will find equal opportunities to have their lunch picnic stolen by monkeys in Western Cape national parks, test their resolve as they hike up Table Mountain, or head down to Cape Agulhas where two of the major oceans meet.  Along the green route, a famous stretch of road that travels along the coast of South Africa, families can make multiple pit stops at famous locations. There are Rastafarian communities that open themselves up to tourists for a chance to learn about another culture within a culture. There are ostrich farms where families can learn about the birds which will race cars along the side of the road. They're even opportunities to feed an ostrich, but be warned, you have to stick the pellet in your mouth and hold it between your lips while the ostrich pecks it out of your face. People who don't necessarily want to risk getting hit in the mouth by an ostrich can visit a big cat rescue center and play with baby cheetahs or visit a popular monkey farm where they can zip line through the forest surrounded by the cacophony of the same monkeys who will steal bites of ice cream from tourists visiting the nearby snack shack. 



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