A woman and a small child in the background standing outside in the snow

Breathe Darling. 

Discover the warmth within those around you as winter draws near.
Allow your to-do list to lay dormant for a moment in time.

Purpose will not diminish as we pause from productivity, I promise.
You have flourished and risen and given and given, 

It is time now.
Let yourself fall.
Give your branches a break.
Allow the leaves to surrender and release every thought pulling life from your bones. 

Embrace the seasons as they change and as they change you.
Accept the invitation to be made new.

Plant gratitude like a seed inside of your daily routine,
That each breath and every motion would be an extension of praise,
Praise for spaces to rest and time to rebuild. 

As you wait for change and transformation,
May all of creation be a testament of your infinite capacity to rise, fall and rise again.

Image via Frank Terry, Darling Issue No. 14


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