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Louiza Babouryan is a Los Angeles based fashion designer who mixes textiles and textures rather than color and print. Made of luxurious silks, wools and linens, Louiza’s collection is minimal, yet romantic, creating a juxtaposing signature style filled with graceful details. In addition to being a designer, she is also a mother of two and a painter with a studio filled to the brim with vintage Vogue magazines.

For all of these reasons and more, Louiza is our Stylist Embodied today.

Darling Magazine: Do you think it is important to have a balance between minimal and ornate elements in your designs? What are your tips to accomplishing this in our own wardrobe? 

Louiza: Yes, I definitely think balance is important and necessary…as it is in all aspects of life. My pieces are classic looking with a progressive approach in pattern making and finishes. I always tend to pair the soft with the hard, the romantic with the structured. I achieve a balance in my own wardrobe by using timeless pieces mixed with the shapes and flavor of today.

DM: What is currently inspiring you?

Louiza: My fall/winter 2014 collection was inspired by my days as an art student, which was in the 90’s. It’s nostalgic of what I basically wore, but made with more luxurious fabrics. It was a mix of vintage finds and things my mother made for me: lots of black, lots of layers, chunky knits. I also referenced to the art, music and the books I liked back then. It’s a kaleidoscope of Winona Ryder movies, Henry Miller books, my experiments with different art genres, and my girl-crush at the time, Louise Brooks.

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DM: Besides clothing design, what other arts do you engage in? Why are these other forms of expression important while pursuing a creative profession? 

Louiza: Painting has always been my first love. I actually went to college thinking I was going to study fine arts but I guess my roots as a seamstress’ daughter lead me to fashion. I still paint as often as I can.

DM: How do you hope women feel while wearing your clothes? 

Louiza: I hope they feel confident and feminine.

DM: How do you balance work life and family life?

Louiza: Married to a creative man makes it easy to support and understand the demands of each other’s work. We travel a lot for trunk shows and use the opportunity to bring the kids along if we can. It’s always the perfect way to mix business and pleasure – they end up being amazing family vacations we never imagined to plan.

Join Louiza on March 18th from 4-7 p.m. at Alchemy Works for a preview of her FW collection. RSVP at

Images courtesy of Louiza Babouryan


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  1. My favorite attribute of any ensemble is noticing the balancing act that must take place. I appreciate Louiza’s attention to detail when combining feminine, classic pieces for a polished yet accented outfit. Her collection is stunning with ethereal pieces and careful assembly.

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