An aerial view of the Paris skyline during the daytime

A poem for paris

a river runs through her
reflecting golden light
she’s full of magnificence and sights
some call her the city of love
others the city of lights

in her heart musters up life, beauty and art
but beneath her is the mud
our feet get dirty trampling through
the trim of our skirts splashed with its color
a reminder of the reality

so we wash our tired feet in the Seine
sunset reminders of the beauty above
that heaven is coming down
both today and tomorrow
in this city of love

let love eternal reign
rally the painters
romantics and realists
philosophers and friends
pring in the beauties,
the fashion-forward
the world changers too

for from this city flows a river
of love and light
the rest of the world
shall be blinded by her sight

Image via Coco Tran, Darling Issue No. 19

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