A woman in a dress and jacket dancing in a field

The Wind’s Wisdom

Yesterday, I heard the wind, and it was laughing
It moved through the trees, but I saw dancing.

I desperately wanted to be as free.

It whispered through branches, grass and leaves,
“O, but you can’t and you never will be” 

I begged its explanation. 

It laughed, danced and moved where it pleased.
It swept through my hair in a terrible tease.
Then, it sang me a proverb in a forceful breeze. 

“When you follow fear in all its tracks, you’re doomed for death and a life of lack.
You’ll chase the wind but never be free,
Until you live courageously.” 

I knew the wind’s wisdom was true,
And I wondered how it knew,
That I had been allowing fear to lead.

Image via Micaela Fox

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