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A creative can dream up anything. A creative designer can take what is already present to produce something beautiful, functional, and that’s a go-to wardrobe staple. Lauren Hong of Lauren Olivia & Co. is one such designer who creates clutches with a global perspective. Her focus is to support small businesses and to deliver quality, handmade products that are covered in textiles sourced from all over the world. With her passion for design and love of travel, Lauren truly embodies what it means to be an explorer with eyes (and heart) wide open.

Darling Magazine: What inspired you to launch Lauren Olivia & Company?

Lauren: I’m a graphic designer by trade, and I have always had a passion for travel. I felt like there weren’t a lot of unique, beautiful products that really told a story. It’s so easy to buy something from a department store, but we rarely know the story behind what we buy. I wanted to combine my passions—design and travel—and create a line of unique, functional products that told a global story. That’s when Lauren Olivia & Company took flight.

DM: Why is it important to you that each bag is handmade?

Lauren: The value we bring with each handcrafted product is a unique cultural story, made with high quality and detail. Additionally, each product is made from material that either artisans hand make or we find vintage, which are not mass manufactured. Therefore, each product purchased supports artisans around the globe and shares something beautiful from a culture.

DM: Which handbag is your favorite? Why?

Lauren: Right now, my favorite handbag is Tea Time. The fabric is woven in India, and the black and white pattern is so versatile.

laurenoliviaco-handbags2 (639x928)

DM: Can you name a few places around the globe that your handbag textiles come from?

Lauren: We have textiles from Argentina, Japan, India, United States, Guatemala and South Korea. We are always sourcing materials from different artisans and countries.

DM: Have you always loved to travel? How important is travel to the handbag designs?

Lauren: Yes, I have always loved to travel. I find travel to be inspiring, and it helps me to better understand a particular culture or tradition. When I select textiles, I want them to further curiosity, evoke memories and spark inspiration to travel.

DM: What does the future hold for Lauren Olivia & Company?

Lauren: We have a lot of plans in store, but our primary goal is to continue sharing our company. We are currently working on some gorgeous summer designs and exciting promotional offers. These updates and more will be unveiled on our blog and on our social networking sites (here and here).

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  1. Beautiful clutches, my favorites are either Insadong or the blue and white clutch!!

  2. I can’t wait for Lauren to create a custom clutch for me… one day! 😀

  3. I’m dreaming of that Out to Sea clutch, but the black and white tweed one featured in the photo above is just as adorable and very classy!

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