Camilyn Beth is an independent clothing line based in Sarasota, Florida and founded by fashion designer, Cami Beth Leavitt.

Known for its classic style and unexpected details, each piece is handmade locally. In an effort to bring attention to independent women designers producing their pieces in the United States, we reached out to Cami to learn more about her refined, feminine brand.

Darling Magazine: Your pieces draw inspiration from classic designs from the 1920s-1970s. What is it about the aforementioned eras that inspires you?

Camilyn: Those eras really influence my design because that is when women’s wear really started blossoming. A lot of really classic styles originated from those eras, and have tested the sands of time. The 50s and 60s in particular are my personal favorite, because of the risks that fashion took in those periods.

DM: Camilyn Beth places an emphasis on handmade craftsmanship and domestic production. Why is this a priority to you?

Camilyn: Being ‘Made with love in the USA’ has always been very important to me because I have a strong belief in American business and the attention to detail that goes into American manufacturing.

The 50s and 60s in particular are my personal favorite, because of the risks that fashion took in those periods.

camilyn beth go-go dress

DM: The iconic ‘Go-Go’ dress has a characteristic ruffle neckline that trails down the back of the dress. What inspired this incredibly unique and playful design?

Camilyn: I was actually inspired from a vintage pattern from the 60s. I modified the pattern to suit the modern day woman’s style, while still keeping the retro vibe.

DM: You have worked with couture house Pär Engsheden in Stockholm, Sweden. How did your experience working overseas influence your vision?

Camilyn: Work with Pär Engsheden trained my eye to be able to spot true perfection in a garment’s design and craftsmanship. We used techniques that designers from the 50s would use on hand sewn garments.

DM: What advice do you have for aspiring independent women designers?

Camilyn: It is important to stay focused on your long terms, while prioritizing daily tasks and staying creative. Most importantly, have fun! And remember what inspired you to start this career.

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Photography by Nicholas Winslow; Dress featured is the Camilyn Beth Go-Go Dress

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