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Artistry is a talent every dreamer acquires, whether it is self taught or comes as a natural gift. Cassandra Dias grew up with creativity running through her veins, giving her the drive to constantly create. Paintings, sculptures, photography – you name it and she’s made it. After years of developing her skills, Cassandra opened Oh Leander and began selling crocheted goods along with hand drawn mugs, woven forms and simple stationary.

Darling Magazine: What led you to begin Oh Leander as an actual way to acquire an income?

Cassandra: I have always been an artistic, hands-on kind of person. Growing up and all throughout school I would find great enjoyment in painting, sculpting things out of clay, and taking photographs. I would love finding new ways to express myself creatively. All throughout those years, my handmade goods had only been given out as presents to family and friends.

It was really only after I started blogging and e-meeting amazing people who inspired me that I realized my crafting was something that could possibly be appreciated by others, as well. Soon after, I decided to go for it! I taught myself to crochet using written and video instructions, built up stock, and opened my online shop doors. And what started out as a fun hobby slowly became a business.

…what started out as a fun hobby slowly became a business.

DM: What inspires your designs, color preferences and style?

Cassandra: I produce handmade goods for habit and home, keeping quality and comfort in mind as I only make items that I myself would want to own and use. I am drawn to simple, clean lines and symmetric shapes, and am inspired by vibrant pops of solid color; all of which can be seen in my designs. Inspiration strikes especially after having seen a beautiful photograph or having read an encouraging quote. I get pumped up and want to go make something!

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DM: When was the first time you realized you wanted to be an artisan? Did you ever think it would become your career?

Cassandra: I realized I wanted to be an artisan about 3 and a half years ago after having gotten into blogging, but before that, I had no idea. I just knew I enjoyed making things.

DM: What is your favorite thing to make and why?

Cassandra: My favorite items to make are my blankets. They are a true labor of love and can often take up to a year to complete. The time spent on each one makes it hard to part with them once they are finished, so every blanket I make is super special to me.


DM: How important is it for you to be constantly creating?

Cassandra: It is a great outlet for me to be able to create things with my hands. There is a definite sense of pride that comes along with having an idea come to fruition and being able to hold a physical item when all is said and done. It’s pretty cool.

DM: Do you have any advice for our crafty readers who want to make artistry their profession?

Cassandra: Be inspired daily. Work hard and dedicate yourself whole-heartedly to whatever it is that you pursue. I believe staying true to your own ideas and style plays a key role in being happy with yourself, and that will absolutely translate into creating something really beautiful.

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Images courtesy of  Anthony Dias and Cassandra Dias


  1. I really enjoy a black cup of decaf coffee at the end of a wedding. And I enjoyed reading about Oh Leander’s advise for artisans !

  2. I loved your article on Cassandra and Oh Leander. She has inspired me to reconnect with my creativity.

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