If there’s anyone who defines the Dreamer persona, it’s Kelci Smith. This lovely young woman is one of the frontrunners of the dream folk-rock band, kindlewood, and she’s here to share some insight into her life, her music, and her band. Read on to learn more about this Dreamer’s world.

Thank you for joining us, Kelci! We are so excited to feature you on Darling Magazine’s blog. Tell us about the band you launched, kindlewood.

Kindlewood began in a small apartment with one song. My husband, Galen, had always loved to play guitar. I started writing lyrics that I had never allowed myself to write before. We were experimenting and we liked what was happening. We showed our first few songs to some friends (who we knew would give us honest opinions of our work) and they really encouraged us to keep writing. About six months later, we met Jamison (our third member) while playing a show at our local Borders bookstore. He was the café manager there. We ended up playing a co-bill together. We’ve been thick as thieves ever since. As a band, we have gone on tour, met so many wonderful people, and have really been amazed at what we have managed to accomplish as kindlewood.

Your website describes kindlewood’s sound as “dream folk-rock.” Unpack that for us a bit—what does that mean?

Like any indie band, we struggled to find the right label. We think “dream folk-rock” fit the bill without being too abstract. Most people can identify with folk-rock, but we have a bit of a soft ambience. I can’t tell you how many times people have come up to us after shows saying that we sounded “dreamy.” So the title “dream folk-rock” became what we use to describe our music to people.

When did you know that you wanted to become a musician?

Wanting to become a musician didn’t really happen for me until about four years ago. It kind of blossomed late for me. I think that I began to view music differently than before. I’ve always loved to sing, but I haven’t always loved to create and write. Something switched in me, and it came on really strong. I haven’t looked back.

Was there a defining moment when you realized, I can do this. I can pursue this as a career, as a vocation, as a purpose instead of just a hobby or a passion?

I’ve had high hopes since kindlewood’s inception. I really believed that I had a future in music. I think that it’s shifted a bit in the last year or so. Reality hits and I’m not sure what the future holds. But we’ve had so much success over the last year and have gotten to create relationships with people through our music that I couldn’t have imagined when we first started. I know that music will always be a huge part of my life. I’m excited for what’s happening right now and I’m excited for what’s to come.

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

Inspiration tends to come from whatever I’m currently processing. I’m learning to turn that into more songs with universal, relatable lyrics, messages, and emotions. Songs for our upcoming album tend to address real problems; we’re getting into some nitty gritties. But the ultimate point is that there’s always hope. There’s always a response. There’s always something that can be done.

Where can we get kindlewood’s music? Are you performing at any live venues in the upcoming months?

Physical copies can be purchased through our website. Digital copies are available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. We’re laying low for the rest of this year as we work on our album, but we have a show coming up January 12th in DC at the Black Cat. We’re working on booking shows for the new year.

What do you do in your free time (if you have any!)?

HA. I work part-time at Anthropologie and I’m in school right now studying Graphic Design (my other love). Between work, school, and music, I stay pretty busy. But, I love to thrift—I’m really good at it. It’s a gift. I also like to make clothes and cook. I‘m getting into photography and some illustration. Life is a little crazy right now, but I love it.

Just for fun—if you could travel to any three places in the world, where would you go?

Oh, man. That’s such a hard question because I want to go everywhere. But my top three choices are probably France, Italy, and Iceland. I love to eat, so the thought of eating food in France and Italy is so exciting. And I’m dying to see some Icelandic glaciers and volcanoes.

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