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What is it about Sunday that makes it the most longed for day of the week? Perhaps it’s the endless cups of coffee, books in bed, long meals and a world ready for more allowance. Sunday is a day that fosters delight and ease; as busy women, these are much coveted feelings. The world needs more of those who are calm, collected, inspired and nourished.  A woman who is free from the inhibiting anchors that pull her down is a woman who can (and will) change the world. Our culture believes that rest and rejuvenation should only come after chores and paying the bills and sadly, we’re taught that just one day of relaxation should be sufficient for that. As one who sees the value of a life that is both reposed and busily accomplished, I wonder … how we might tend to life’s demands while also imbuing each day with a little more Sunday?

Start With Your Mind

  • Mindset Shift 1: Life is demanding. Where can we place more value on experiences rather than outcomes? Asking ourselves how we want to feel as we work to achieve and accomplish our goals is an important part of the journey.
  • Mindset Shift 2: Self-care is generally what happens on Sunday. Life honors the lady who takes good care of herself throughout the week. When we’re happy and feeling good, we’re magnets that effortlessly call more of the same towards ourselves.
  • Mindset Shift 3: Our drive to experience pleasure should not instigate guilt and it isn’t a self-indulgent act that needs to be shooed. In fact, it should be welcomed in healthy measure and balance. Pleasure is essential for a relaxed and productive body, a strong intellect and a sharp, creative mind. When we allow ourselves to engage in activities that we enjoy, we build confidence and perspective in knowing exactly what to do next.

Slow Down

If it feels nearly impossible to allow more time for the good life, maybe this is a great opportunity to slim down commitments, delegate tasks, or refocus and shift priorities so that obligations are more in line with the quality of life we desire. Clarity is a powerful compass for enjoyable action.

Allow More Leisure

Luxury and leisure, however we’re able to incorporate them into our lives, are healing salves to overworked and stressed out women. Simmering oatmeal or sitting while drinking a morning cup of coffee might be the perfect moment to trade that online device for time spent with your favorite inspirational author or poet. Perhaps we might upgrade the morning news for some Stan Getz and lean into the small pleasures of life. A string of small changes will certainly build a lifestyle that we love each and every day. That’s lifestyle design at it’s best.

Simple Beauty

Joy can be found in the beautiful and simple details of life. Adding more beauty to our everyday routine is an easy way to welcome more calm. Bring out your favorite place settings to spice up any day of the week, not just on Sundays or holidays. Vases of fresh flowers, whether at home or in the office, are sure ways to invite color and a little extra joy to life. Perhaps throwing on your favorite cashmere sweater and some red lipstick while running Wednesday’s errands will easily place you in queue for the next best thing.

Ambition and ease can coexist effortlessly, but it’s often thought the two can’t pair together. So ask yourself: where can you trade hurried and hustled for slow and steady? Sunday is about slowing down and sipping life. Proceed with the idea that cultivating joy in the small moments will make you a more inspired and attentive woman. The world needs more of us living out our Sunday best. It’s these times when we let life win that we feel happy and whole. Easy as Sunday morning.

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  1. Love it. The importance of Sunday and all it represents dawned on me some time during my second year in business and it’s one of my most important insights to date. Kudos to you for writing so beautifully and concisely about it.

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