Just in time for the festivities of Thanksgiving, we at Darling would like to inspire and encourage you to make the day extra special with homemade and heartfelt touches. Your Thanksgiving table, filled with delicious dishes, can be complimented by artfully placed decorations and accent pieces. Pumpkins, small and large, in a variety of colors and shapes can be used to create that special touch!

This little DIY is wonderfully seasonal and beautiful but so, so easy.

What you’ll need:
-Acrylic paint: choose colors that match your décor, metallics look beautiful!
-Paint brushes: have a few sizes on hand for varied designs
-Pumpkins/fruits: use an assortment of sizes; you may use real or plastic produce

What you’ll do:
Make sure you have some sort of newspaper or parchment paper laid out to set the pieces on to dry and…paint away! Try different designs ranging from polka dots to stripes, solid colors with metallic or sparkling stems, even ombre shades.

Use the pumpkins and/or fruits by arranging the different sized pieces in clusters and lines going down your table, or in the center if it’s round. Accent the painted pumpkins with fresh leaves, pinecones, twigs, flowers, and candles. It can look as rustic or modern as you like depending on the colors and arrangements used, i.e. paint everything white and compliment with white candles for a modern, chic look or use fall colors of orange, green, brown and red with gold accents to exude country charm.

Bonus: Use tiny pumpkins or even gold-painted apples as place cards!

Happy Thanksgiving, Darlings!

Idea from Green Wedding Shoes; image via Shorely Chic

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