I am thankful for words, that I may construct
A language to at least touch the surface
Of the depths of my gratefulness, and the rest I offer
In song and living and laughter.
I am thankful that we are malleable and can be changed
By the wind on a warm November day or
By the way a friend says our name in a dark moment
And we can be forever thankful that life here is short yet long
And always enough if we look with artist eyes.

I am thankful for the places that harbor the sunlight during
My night so in the morning I can be assured that it
Will be sent back to me
I will spend my hours under it wisely
A good steward while the moon waits and then
When it rises I will be grateful for stars
And stars and stars and stars
And because dreams come freely and abundantly.

I am thankful for lavender wood smoke mornings
And for being warm in bed while the rain pounds on the tin roof
And tries to wake me from dreams
Of when I was beautiful and young
I will let it, because that was before I knew
True beauty and love and light and the depths of it.

I am thankful that I am not spinning alone
On this ocean blue earth
And more than ever, this year, I am grateful
That life is not entirely up to me
Because if it were, my story would be rewritten
Scratched-out, revised, and crumpled in the waste basket
So many times I wouldn’t have any strength left
In me
To live even the beautiful parts.

Image via Megan Robinson Photography



  1. I’m reading a book called Scarcity right now and have always loved the Lynne Twist quote on scarcity in Brene Brown’s book, Daring Greatly. Your line “always enough if we look with artist eyes” is a good shift from the panicked thought that time and opportunity are always slipping through our fingers.

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