Everyone looks forward to spring break, and rightfully so. With temperatures slowly rising, spring is the time to invite the ones you love to help welcome the lengthening of days and changing of seasons.

For some, spring break might conjure memories of late nights, pool parties and bad sunburns. While these things might have their time and place, there are healthier and classier ways to kick up your heels once you reach adulthood.

So grab your girlfriends and plan a spring getaway with these simple yet creative tips.

Travel Near (If Not Far)
Take a week this spring to relax and reconnect with loved ones. Airfare during this peak time is often more expensive and destinations tend to be overcrowded, so opt for a staycation which may be an easier way to decompress.

To Do: Let a sense of adventure be your compass regardless of where you go. Say yes to doing the things you might otherwise pass up.

Picnics Done Right
Picnics are a lovely way to welcome nicer weather. There’s nothing better than sharing good food and wine with great company underneath a canopy of cherry blossoms. Kick your picnic up a notch by paying attention to the finer details like assigning who will bring what so you’re not left with four deviled egg dishes and one carton of ice cream.

If the weather outside isn’t picnic worthy, take it indoors! Move around furniture, lay down lots of blankets, set out a bouquet of flowers and kick your shoes off.

To Do: For more ideas on how to throw a smashing picnic party, visit the Portland Picnic Society for some inspiration, delicious recipes and “how-to’s.”

Get Lost, Intentionally
This may seem like an unusual suggestion, but it’s one that has the potential for so much fun. Pick a landscape that you’d like to see and let it be the guide for your adventure. For example, do you want to discover a new river, lake, beach spot or trail to hike? To make this a success, be sure to pack a basket with all your favorite foods and a car with people you love, fill an iPod with your top playlists and leave your map behind for a fun-filled, spontaneous day. Be reasonably unreasonable, as discovery is all about taking a chance.

To do: Tune into your instincts and let them be your guide. When was the last time you relied on your gut to direct you towards fun?

Cocktail Soiree
What is more enjoyable than an evening with your favorite people sipping delicious and well-made cocktails? As a coach who runs a ‘living the good-life’ workshop series, I often hire the city’s best bartenders to teach how to craft delicious and simple libations. These evenings have become a wildly popular way to stay engaged and connected with community.

To do: Encourage guests to wear their favorite colorful dress and heels. Nothing says spring more than pairing cocktails with bursts of color and laughter.

Full Moon Hike
Nighttime adventures are a great way to engage all of your senses. Try a full moon hike by gathering a group of friends, lacing up your boots and heading out for a walk bathing in the bright light of the moon.

To do: Choose a trail that is easy and one you know well. With the full moon overhead, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to weave your way through the forest without needing to use a flashlight. Also, s’mores at the end of a moonlight hike are a perfect way to end the evening.

Slumber Party
Slumber parties are a quintessential rite-of-passage for childhood. As grownups, we can recreate that experience with a few stylistic flourishes so that the event becomes a yearly highlight.

To Do: Book a lake house to share with your best friends. Include all the classics such as board games, canoe rides, dance parties, charades, pampering and lots of delicious food and drink.

Whether you’re still in school or now post-grad, what are two things that you love to do on spring break?

Image via Caitlin Colcolough


  1. The simplicity of these ideas is delightful. Without encouraging massive amounts of spending, you alert your readers to the adventure in their own “backyard.” A combination of these spring break items would bring needed rejuvenation until the full heat of summer!


    1. Thanks for appreciating the simple pleasures that can be had without spending a ton of money!

      Is there any one thing you’re going to try off the list?


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