What a beautiful morning to wake up
Granted the privilege of putting two feet safe
On green grass, head to the sky, arms open,
Breathing in air laden with dew and inspiration
And the pending promise of a miracle

We search all summer for a version
Of ourselves that went missing
Somewhere between age 2 and today
But I find me in March and memories,
Every Monday and every moonrise

You are there too, around the edges of days
Around the edges of seasons:
Smile, be grateful and be brave enough
To open the door, make fast friends
With the you from before you heard

That the world had a different definition
One that was a bit too gray and not nearly
Enough of the yellow and green
Of daisies and daffodils and your spirit
But you, my darling, put them over your heart

August is a friend of mine too
A halcyon demeanor, she wears honest-blue
And a crown of fireflies, alive and vibrant
Knocks at my door with a peach pie
And a sweet goodbye to summer

Image via Taylr Anne


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