An aerial shot of palm treetops

It’s beautiful and quiet
As I’ve awoken from my slumber.
Sunshine beginning to peek out
Seemingly from the very core of the earth.
A warm glow fills the hot, sticky room.
But it feels like magic.

I start the kettle and water my plants
Who seem to perk up and wish a “good morning”
Upon receiving their daily drink.
I sip my tea with only a slight humming from the A/C
And the low murmur of the radio to keep me company.
It is still. It is peace.

I step in the cold shower to rinse away
The summer sweat and relish in the coldness.
A sundress, sun hat and sunglasses decorate me,
As the slow summer morning drifts into the day
And my little piece of paradise
Is reserved until tomorrow.

What is your favorite part about summertime? How do you relish in the endless days of sun and warmth?

Image via Raisa Zwart Photography

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