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Beyond Yoga is a clothing company that believes that a woman’s clothes should encourage her inner confidence. Founders Jodi Guber Brufsky and Michelle Wahler are passionate about creating garments that help women feel empowered and prepared for their busy days, from home to office, school and everything in between. We had the opportunity to ask Jodi a little more about their company.

Darling Magazine: Tell us a bit about Beyond Yoga and the heart behind the brand.

Jodi Guber: Beyond Yoga is an activewear and lifestyle brand that I created as a way to help change and redefine the meaning of beautiful and to encourage self esteem. I spent many years struggling to acknowledge my own worth and accept my authentic self. I learned that fully embracing who you are is the most amazing feeling and the best gift you can give to yourself and others. This realization is what inspired me to launch Beyond Yoga as a visible platform to empower women to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. When you love yourself, everyone around you feels loved. It’s contagious!!

DM: As an active wear brand, do you feel like you are paving the way to redefining beauty?

JG: The whole intention of Beyond Yoga is to do just that. By having women of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes model our clothes, we hope to redefine the shopping experience and make women feel better about themselves. Beyond Yoga has also taken a stand on photo-shopping, vowing never to shrink bodies.

DM: How much thought goes into designing pieces which are comfortable and functional for all body types?

JG: A lot of thought goes into every collection. Whenever we produce a new style, we hold fittings with women of all body types from XXS to XXL, not just one fit model, which is the industry norm. This is an extra step that we take at Beyond Yoga in order to ensure that our products work for everybody and every body.

Whenever we produce a new style, we hold fittings with women of all body types from XXS to XXL, not just one fit model, which is the industry norm.

DM: How do you hope women feel while wearing your clothing and active wear?

JG: I hope the message of Beyond Yoga and the authentic spirit of the brand will help women to feel great about themselves as they are, whether wearing our clothes or not. For me it’s about changing a conversation and, if wearing my clothes helps to do this, than I am doubly successful!

DM: Why is it important to you that all of your garments are made in the US?

JG: It is critical to support our economy and it helps with the carbon footprint, both of which are important to us.

DM: Why is Beyond Yoga so dedicated to philanthropic endeavors?

JG: Giving back is essential to us as a brand. Our philanthropic endeavors are guided by the spirit of yoga, which is very important to me. Giving and being generous are integral to the foundation of yoga. You cannot only receive, as it throws off the balance and balance is of utmost importance.
When most people hear the word yoga, they generally think only of the physical practice. But for me, it goes far beyond that. Hence – Beyond Yoga.

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