Intentionality meets imagination.

This past weekend in Waco, Texas we were honored to celebrate the launch of two spring issues: Magnolia Journal and Darling. Because of the unique synergy between our two brands, we did so with an intimate gathering of Darling and Magnolia staff, along with a few friends and contributors.

It was soon evident, and not at all surprising to us here at Darling, that what Joanna Gaines and the Magnolia team have created goes beyond being lovely; they have truly forged such a safe space for home, and we are incredibly grateful for the chance to have shared this time and space with them.

Click through for snaps from the weekend:


Now, we’d love to invite you into that same space of intention and imagination. Below we’re reliving the conversations that unfolded during our Sunday morning workshop and extending you the tools that we used there.

Renovating Self & Imagination

This workshop began with Sarah sharing the story of Darling, as well as a lighthearted opening discussion prompt asking, “If you had a completely different life in an alternate universe, who would you be and what would you be doing?”

We were amused by the responses, including Joanna’s, who explained that in another universe she would be perfectly satisfied crunching numbers as an accountant in a cubical under fluorescent lights. (What!!! Our reaction, too.)

After jumpstarting our imaginations, Sarah highlighted how Darling has always made it a priority to use words carefully and with great intention, at which point Darling’s Managing Editor, Teresa Archer, took over to lead a journaling exercise.

Teresa had us consider the power of the words we use in connection to our imagination — and how, when reshaped and used more purposefully, we can dramatically shift our worlds. We were reminded that anxiety is simply a misuse of imagination and that the change of our hearts and minds begins with the specific words we choose to speak.

Anxiety is simply a misuse of imagination … the change of our hearts and minds begins with the specific words we choose to speak.

Use the prompts below to consider how you can use your imagination to change your present reality and your future: 

1. What is a cultural norm or situation you encounter daily that saddens you?

2. Now, imagine a world or your sphere without that negative reality. What would it look like or include?

3. Take a minute to consider what you could do with your time and resources to practically begin to move the needle on this issue.

The powerful element of this workshop materialized as we discussed these realities and dreams with each other around the table. In that same spirit, we’d love to hear your thoughts and answers to these questions in the comments as we continue to imagine a better world, and begin walking with intentionality toward that future.

A special thanks to our lovely partners who joined with us to toast these two issues:

Brunch Location: Wildland Supply Co.
Rentals: Loot Finer Goods
Caterer: Vanilla Orchid
Wine: Winc





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