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Raise your hand if you tend to buy lipsticks only to forget you own them — or better yet — can never find them. With today’s hectic schedules, it’s easy for your beauty space to become more of a bottomless pile of unused junk then a personal grooming oasis. That’s why we’re big advocates of cleaning beyond our closets and cultivating a beauty overhaul every spring season.

Let’s elevate the way we house and apply makeup with some thoughtful ways to amp up our morning routine. The below are three mindful beauty codes to properly edit, store and love the space you have!

1. Pitch and primp.

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Let’s begin by laying all of your beauty products on a table. Be honest with yourself on what you truly use, allowing yourself to keep “specialty items” for those more glamorous occasions, but not being afraid to pitch items that never see the light of day. Categorize items to see what you have (i.e., face serums, daily creams, lip products, blushes, etc) to see where you may be holding on to unused items.

Next, clean each product. Properly wash brushes, spray cosmetic items with disinfectant spray — Beauty So Clean is great to sanitize both creams and powders — sharpen pencils, etc. Primp your beauty items so they are in complete working order and look beautiful when displayed. After all, packaging probably had a lot to do with your purchase. Dust bottles, clean drips and spills, and treat yourself to a merchandised display every morning.

Also, be sure to throw away anything that has an expired shelf life.

2. Store to see it, store to use it.

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Now that you’ve purged like a professional, selecting the right storage base to fit your style and daily needs is key. Knowing what you have and being able to find things quickly can even make getting ready for work enjoyable.

Develop a system that works for you. We recommend clear drawers such as this professional, organized beauty filing system by GLAMbox. Consider storing your beauty items by frequency of use, size, brands or category. Have fun displaying your beautiful products to brighten up any room.

Knowing what you have and being able to find things quickly can even make getting ready for work enjoyable.

3. Design around your space.

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Make the most of your space. Since beauty products need to be stored for daily use, keep an edited mix of the basics on hand based on your routine. Store in the most efficient and effective way possible with easy-access, stackable containers, gorgeous bins and baskets (like these by The Little Market) and space saving solutions (like this GLAMboard) to maximize space. Reinvent how you apply your makeup to save on time, and consider portability for the ultimate in flexibility (and catching that morning light, too).

Editing any beauty cabinet makes getting dolled up more fun. Clear out the old and keep what you love, storing all your products in sight. You’ll never lose (or not use) a product again!

What are your best self-care secrets?

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