It is our duty as pioneers of one the greatest generations to continue to strive for justice for those who cannot defend themselves. At this time in history there has not been a greater calling. Human Trafficking is a heinous enterprise that is spreading its dark wings over country after country. So those with a passion to just “do something” are rising up against the oppression, and finding ways to combat this evil.

The A21 Campaign is an organization made up of those who are literally on the front lines of the human trafficking war. This organization is made up of brave individuals who spread the word about human trafficking of women and children across the borders. They find ways to fundraise and recruit others for this forefront of change. It is especially a powerful force in Greece, protecting women who are victims of sex trafficking rings. They provide shelter, food, and education so women will not be pulled back into a life of slavery. With all the technological and social networking tools we have today, we have no excuse to not get involved ourselves and rally those around us as well.

Sex trafficking exists. It is a crime. It is stoppable. You can do something about it. Watch this video below for a quick introduction, and click the A21 Campaign website to find more ways you can step in and join the fight.


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