Before 9:00 a.m., I’ve made coffee, showered, watered my modest herb garden, and brushed my teeth. Throughout the day, I will continue to use and drink water without a second thought.

Not everyone lives with this luxury.

Countless communities around the world scrape by with very limited access to one of life’s most basic needs–clean water. Many communities in developing nations have water supplies that are contaminated, causing disease and death. Many have water supplies that are so distant, the people spend much of their time and energy simply collecting water. The problem is widespread, and the effects are immense.

But, there are ways to help these communities. That’s where charity: water comes in. We at Darling want to spotlight this change-making, action-inspiring organization that is addressing very critical needs in creative ways.

So, what is charity: water?
It is a non-profit organization that puts dollars to work in the construction of wells, spring water protections, rainwater catchments, water filters, and sanitation facilities in 19 developing countries around the world. It chooses countries based on their very limited access to a safe water supply, high rates of water-related deaths, and whether they have exemplary local partners on the ground who can implement the projects.

What makes charity: water unique?
1. charity: water pledges to spend 100% of public donations directly on water projects in the field. It accomplishes this by covering operating costs out of a budget provided by private investors.
2. charity: water believes that its methods are as important as its results. It completes projects by employing local people, and functions in a way that promotes gender equality, encourages local initiative in the community, and restores dignity to the people.
3. charity: water not only raises funds, it empowers others to do the same. Supporters can easily create their own unique fundraising campaigns on the mycharity:water site. “On my charity: water, you can run, bike, give up birthday presents or just raise money to fund water projects for communities in need.” Or, sell hand-made weavings, eat sandwiches, grow a beard…. Supporters have come up with some extraordinary ways to bring awareness and raise funds.

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