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In our next installment of our SoulPancake collaboration “That’s What She Said”, we’re looking at how culture views aging and deathWhat our are fears? How do we embrace aging with grace, wisdom, even excitement?

We’re pleased to share and start this discussion with you.

How will you grow old with grace?



  1. I LOVE your SoulPancake series. Each video has touched me and really made me think. Of all the videos and articles on the Internet that seek to inspire, your series here really stands out. Thank you!

  2. This is such a prevalent issue….. But first, I’ve just discovered Darling and I’m so impressed and grateful that you exist. Such a wonderful video! Fear of aging has become such a thing for me over the past couple of years. I’m a singer songwriter, who, let’s just say isn’t in her twenties anymore 🙂 My life took me down a path that put following my dream aside for a while, all for love, but getting into the business later than most, in an industry filled with youth and beauty, raises levels of self consciousness to an almost unbearable level at times. However, my experiences thus far have given me such a different perspective which hugely influences my writing, in ways that I am grateful for. I think that the key is to learn to fall in love with each moment, to learn to fall in love with yourself, wherever you are in your life, just as you are. To find and celebrate each and every part of you that makes you…. you. I believe that true beauty is what makes you shine from the inside out, all of the little puzzle pieces that make you unique are like rare treasures that can’t be found just anywhere. Each new phase brings new treasures….. I do fear the signs of aging, I’d be lying if I said I don’t. But my practice I guess is to connect with that beautiful goddess that lives inside all of us and love her just as she is. I truly wish that our society, especially in the US, revered wisdom and grace but until then, it’s up to me to remember that.

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