We’re so excited to share with you that we’re doing a little collaboration with SoulPancake—and the trailer is now available to watch!

What will it be, exactly? Ten women, five topics, one table, where SoulPancake and Darling Magazine discuss issues facing women today. The show starts in November, so stay tuned!


  1. I watched your “Thats what she said”. Being called ugly, fat and stupid, poor my whole life, i can relate to many issues that woman experience daily. I will be following this series and following tips i hear. I took a stand to not let anything get me down, but its still a long and tough road till i will be completely confident but i believe this series will help me tremendously. Congratulations on an awesome idea

  2. I’ve really been looking forward to this series but never saw any more updates about it. Was the series scratched or has it just been postponed?

  3. How come there are no black women in this project? Out of 10 women, you can fit at least one black woman. Where’s the diversity? Not all women who have a voice on womanhood are white. Include all colors and backgrounds. It will much be appreciated.

    1. Hi Carmen, thanks so much for your comment. We always welcome the questions & the feedback. Please know that for this collaboration we were working with two very small companies with two very small staffs. It was not a deliberate choice to ignore certain races or backgrounds, but out of practicality we selected women from the pool that we had at the time. In the future, we definitely plan to prioritize and highlight more diverse perspectives.

  4. This is super exciting! I did an article for LAist with the (now former, I think) SoulPancake videographer when the company first began producing videos and was incredibly inspired by the overall vision. Looking forward to this collaboration 🙂

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