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Music can help people process hard things like  grief, overwhelm or loneliness. The Darling playlist series was created to help you during this time of quarantine. We hope to use music to bring you a little hope today.

No surprising news to anyone—we are living in uncertain and unprecedented times. We miss the days of busyness where Sunday night blues was a thing as we started our weeks. Now, each week and each day is uncertain.

You or someone you know may have lost something during this time. Perhaps, you have lost your job. Perhaps, you are facing the uncertainty of a new chapter such as starting school or moving. Maybe your business is facing the reality of lost revenue and laying off staff. Maybe you lost out on celebrating a birthday or important milestone.

It can be easy to allow life’s disappointments to cripple our self-esteem and leave us feeling hopeless. You are not alone. We here at Darling want to keep you encouraged and help you find confidence in the midst of whatever you have lost.

Here’s a playlist to help you lift your head up again. Music can help us in hard times and allow us the space for a good cry and help us keep putting one foot in front of the other (when we are ready.) You are amazing, and we hope that this simple playlist will remind you that.

You can also find this playlist on Spotify here.

Kelsea Ballerini  End of the World

Fighter — Tyrone Wells

Feel the Need  Eryn Allen Kane

Holy  Jamila Woods

Woman — Andreya Triana

Breathe — Seinabo Sey

Little Light  Amos Lee

Bend & Break — Anna Clendening

The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Change — Nina Nesbitt

Keep Breathing — Ingrid Michaelson

People Need a Melody — The Head and The Heart

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself  Jess Glynne

My Way Up — Molly Kate Kesner

Way Back  Amber Mark

You Gotta Be  Des’ree

Smile — Nat King Cole

Pick Yourself Up  Gregory Porter

Happy Days — Otis Kane

Keep On — Sasha Sloan

Here Comes The Sun — The Beatles

What have you lost during the global pandemic? How has it affected your confidence in yourself and in the future?

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