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Music can help people process hard things like  grief, overwhelm or loneliness. The Darling playlist series was created to help you during this time of quarantine. We hope to use music to bring you a little hope today.

If you live with other people, whether it be a spouse, parents, roommates or your kids, the last few months of quarantine have surely had their trying moments. It can be difficult to be confined to one place with other people for an unspecified amount of time. No matter how much we love “our people,” they are human beings with nuances, quirks and pet peeves that can feel cumbersome after too much time together.

A certain amount of alone is healthy and necessary. I have always fallen somewhere in the middle on the scale of being an introvert or extrovert. I can thrive in social settings, but if I am with groups of people for too long, I watch myself, slowly but surely, start to feel drained. In the words of Tori Kelly (who is featured on today’s playlist), “I just need a moment to myself.”

Sometimes, we all need a moment—to recharge, to rest, to reflect, to sit with our thoughts and to simply just be. Today’s playlist is dedicated to the joy of solitude. Alone does not mean lonely. Being alone can be an opportunity to get to know yourself better, to do a self check-in and to grow in self-awareness. If you are not a fan of time alone, hopefully, this playlist might just change your mind.

“All my life, I’ve been looking for somebody else to make full, but I had to learn the hard way, true love begins with me.” — India Arie

You can also find this playlist on Darling’s Spotify here.

Feeling Good — Nina Simone

Minute To Myself — Tori Kelly

Private Party — India.Arie

Perfectly Lonely — Chelsea Stewart

Perfectly Lonely — John Mayer

Listen Up — Oasis

Knee Deep —Zach Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffett

Dreams of Solitude — Jonas Bergwall

Thursday — Jess Glynne

Down — Chloe x Halle

New Soul — Yael Nail

Happier Alone — Austin Meade

Keep On — Sasha Sloan 

club — Kelsea Ballerini

Solo — Rachel Crow

Dear No One —Tori Kelly


People Are Strangers — Zella Day

Dancing on My Own — Calum Scott

Too Good at Goodbyes — Sam Smith

Free Spirit — Khalid

Get It Together — India.Arie

Save A Little For Yourself — Mandy Moore

What are songs perfect for celebrating solitude? Let us know in the comments below!

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