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Ahh, the open road. Your hand out the window making waves on the fresh air as you sing aloud to the radio. The sunlight through the trees, and their shadows dancing on the road before you, beckoning you to places unknown. It is so good for the soul. There’s nothing like hitting the open road all by ourselves to get our creative juices flowing and to be more introspective about our lives than we generally have time for in our normal routine. Here are some suggestions to help make your solo road trip a priceless adventure:

Load up on snacks & drinks. I can’t roadtrip without coffee and M&Ms. Gas station snacks and bottled drinks are outrageously expensive, so fill a cooler and bring your own along.

Be brave & adventurous. Plan stops to look forward to each day or every few hours, but also be spontaneous. World’s largest stuffed teddy bear? I need my picture in front of that. Don’t feel awkward about asking strangers to take your picture—just offer to take theirs, too.

Use the space. Use the quiet. Use the time. Feel it deeply, that you are here, on a grand adventure. Alone, yes, but never lonely as long as you are dreaming, planning, and seeking to learn. The open road unlocks many things inside you that you already knew, but needed the key. Find the keys.

Make friends along the way. Some of my fondest memories are interactions with people along my road trips. Joke, interact, be happy and live life along the way. It’s wonderfully strange how things folks say will stick in your conscious and come back to you in years to come. Store away as many interactions as you can.

Have your “checkpoint people.” These are friends and family members that you will check-in with to let them know you are safe & sound, and where you are should anything happen. I would always text my checkpoint people with the city, name, and room number of my hotel. Make sure you keep your wits about you, listen to your gut instincts, and stay safe.

Even if you don’t have a carload full of friends, a summer road trip is an amazing adventure, and a rite of passage of sorts. Who knows, it might even be life-changing. I guess you’ll have to see where the roads lead you. I’d love to know what you find!

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