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From shopping malls to movie screens, many are quick to equate the holidays with extravagant, over-the-top decor. This can leave many others feeling less-than-satisfied when they return home to their itty bitty living spaces, wondering how they could ever compete without a mantle or room for a six-foot (let alone nine-foot) Christmas tree.

Yet, no where is the phrase “go big or go home” more false than when it comes to the holidays, where true holiday spirit is less about space and more about intention. Since many of us are renters, apartment-dwellers, or still rockin’ out in the dorms, we’ve teamed up with Target to highlight four ways you can bring a lot of cheer to just a little bit of space.

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No. 1 | Stick To A Classic Color Scheme
Though a sleek modern look or avant-garde color palette might be all the rage on Pinterest, you’ll get the most bang for your buck by keeping with those traditional colors that spark holiday memories for you.

Even if your studio apartment is a quarter the size of grandma’s house, your mind will be quick to associate, say, red and green if those were the colors of her festive hand-knitted doilies. A classic color combination better enables you to evoke a holiday vibe with just a few key pieces — no knitting required.

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No. 2 | Decorate Where You Are
Where are the most trafficked parts of your home? Rather than decorating every square inch of it — which in a small space can turn to clutter, fast — concentrate on the areas that you frequent (see) the most. This might mean doing up the entry into your living room or adding a small collection of ornaments to your bedside table. You may even choose to hang a wreath on the inside of your door rather than out, or frame your fridge with a garland. Why not?

The goal isn’t to be showy, but to be strategic. By transforming even one space or object that you interact with daily, you’re more likely to feel surrounded by the season, setting yourself up for holiday spirit success.

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No. 3 | Keep It Real 

Few can resist the smell of fresh pine during the holidays, which leads to another advantage of going small. Scents can conjure memories far quicker than sight, so opting for a real tree will aide in transforming your space. The benefits to having a small tree are numerous, such as:

  • using a fun jar, tea or cookie tin as its base.
  • being considerably cheaper than large trees, possibly even that luxurious pine-scented candle you have your eye on.
  • smaller trees are mobile; use one as a table centerpiece one minute, coffee table decor the next.
  • easy setup + cleanup (and bonus, you can keep it around as a plant after the holidays without it awkwardly taking up space)

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No. 4 | Put A Garland On It

If you’re overwhelmed at even the thought of decorating, but still want something to show for the season, consider a simple garland. They can adorn the smallest of spaces — like a window corner, bookshelf, or even a blank spot on the wall — and require little more than two thumbtacks and some string. They also lend themselves easily to craftiness. Just get out some art supplies and doctor up either a store-bought strand or one from holidays-past. A dab of glue, a dash of glitter, and you’re well on your way to a very merry home.

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How do you keep a small space full of holiday style?

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