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We’ve compiled some quick advice on how to tackle those spring cleaning projects…and actually finish them this year.

Work in sections.
If you’re like us, the thought of a complete overhaul—though aspirational—is a bit overwhelming. Working bit by bit prevents procrastination and keeps you from scrapping the project altogether. Rather than vowing to clean out your sock drawer when you “one day” do a closet clean sweep, just tend to that one little drawer. These mini-projects will add up and help keep you feeling on top of things.

Prevent pile up.
Work out a system where you deal with the little things right away: throw out junk mail as soon as you get home, wash dishes right after dinner (or at least rinse and then wash them properly the following morning), immediately discard dirty clothes to the hamper and hang up clean ones. Momentarily tending to these daily duties will keep your home feeling fresh and welcoming.

Divide and conquer.
A stuffed cupboard is not only unattractive but really inconvenient, the same goes for drawers. Using simple storage bins of assorted sizes help to wrangle your belongings and make things easier to locate.

Find some inspiration.
Don’t go overboard with this one, but purchasing some nice, beautifully scented and handy cleaning supplies make clean-up all the more pleasant. Considering cleaning is a daily task (or should be…), this really is a worthy investment. We like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products, and the miracle working Bon Ami scrub.

Get a fresh start.
Though not necessarily a cleaning tip, fresh flowers brighten your home and add an instant touch of intentional, but breezy décor. You can find inexpensive ones at Trader Joes or your local farmer’s market. It’s spring after all!

Incorporating these simple tips into your daily routine will soon add up, so you’ll not only accomplish your spring-cleaning, but also be able to enjoy a sparkling abode year-round. Good luck, Darlings!

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