Spring is a great time to hit the reset button. With the winter holiday season well behind us, spring is on its way to welcome warmer days, bright green buds and beautiful blossoms. The upcoming season is nature’s New Year, so here are some simple food and lifestyle suggestions to give you that healthy reboot (and some hope for enduring the tail-end of cold!) as you shed your winter coat.


A Lemon Honey Elixir
A simple elixir of warm water, fresh lemon and a touch of honey is a fantastic trick to drink your way to feeling good. This simple drink affords the body many benefits such as increased hydration, support for the immune system and increased stomach acid, which can lend to better digestion and stimulation of the body-cleansing liver.

Tip: Start each morning with this elixir before drinking anything else. To prepare, you’ll need only one mug of warm water, juice from half a lemon and a smidgen of honey. Stir and enjoy!

Sugar Be Gone
With Christmas out of the way, it’s easier to avoid the ‘white menace’ and doing so could help radically shift you towards better health, regardless of the season change.

Among many things, white sugar compromises the immune system, provides an optimal breeding ground for bugs such as the cold and flu, and can lend to a drab complexion through a process called glycation. Although glycation is a normal body function, too much sugar increases this process where sugar binds to healthy skin proteins such as collagen, which can leave you with adult acne and a less than rosy completion.

Tip: Try using stevia, a sweetener 300x sweeter than sugar. Stevia can be found in most natural food stores or through online retailers.

Green, Please!
If you’re a fan of green juice, then you know the goodness that can be found in each glass. Green juice allows for nutrients to be quickly absorbed and assimilated with minimal digestive effort so that vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and cell-loving chlorophyll can quickly enter the bloodstream and deeply nourish the body.

Tip: Here are a few examples of delicious green juice combinations:

  •  Cucumber, celery, romaine, green apple, ginger and lemon
  •  Romaine, spinach, mint, cucumber and Meyer lemon
  •  Cucumber, fennel, mint, kiwi and lime

Note: it’s best to use organic produce as often as possible.

In The Kitchen
This might be a great time to opt for cooking methods that are lighter and can work to showcase the season’s more delicate foods such as peas, radishes, spring greens and strawberries.

Tip: Trade heavy fried or sautéed foods for lighter fare by steaming, poaching or eating raw foods. 



Home & Hearth
There’s no time like the end of winter for a little spring-cleaning. Just as we mind our bodies, we should also mind our space. Clear clutter, shake out the rugs, rearrange furniture and get ready for the good weather coming.

Tip: Additional ways to freshen your home might include buying new houseplants or planting some cool-weather flowers near your home’s entryway.

Move Your Body
Cold weather can make exercising a little more challenging, and you may have found your motivation lacking now that all those New Year’s resolutions have had time to wear off. Taking up a form of exercise you actually like makes it easier to reach goals, especially if time and scheduling are tight.

Tip: Only have a few minutes to exercise? Jumping rope is a fantastic way to get moving. A five-minute jump is equivalent to a twenty-minute walk, and jump ropes are both portable and lightweight.

Skin Love
Spring is a great time to nourish the skin after many long months of drying, cold weather. One great way to help hydrate your skin is by upgrading skin products to ones that don’t contain alcohol, which can further dry out already delicate skin.       

Tip: Try this homemade body scrub (below) that will both exfoliate and deeply quench your skin at the same time. Make sure to use caution in the bathtub, as the oil can make things slippery.

Homemade Body Scrub
1 cup coconut oil
2 cups raw sugar
5 drops of your favorite essential oil

Combine all ingredients in an airtight container and store in a dark cupboard.

Is there anything you love to do to welcome spring?  

Images via Emily Blake for Darling Magazine Issue No. 3


  1. Lovely article! I am going to try to incorporate the lemon honey elixir into my daily routine, as well as the green juices. I found it hard to stay afloat of drinking cold juices during this brutal winter, but definitely excited to start back up – excited to try the first recipe you list! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Great minds think alike! Lol we have started a lot of these excellent suggestions earlier this month, my favorite is juicing, my favorite green juice is apple-mint-cucumber- celery- spinach- ginger yum, and Today I cleaned out all the closets!

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