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The process of making and enjoying food brings another level of connection to the table. The idea behind each of these recipes is to make something that people can enjoy creating, as well as eating, with others. My hope is that these recipes inspire you to experiment with more flavors and ingredients and to make space for community and connection. 

Lavender Earl Grey Blackberry Ice Cream Floats

Summer is quickly approaching. There are few ways to better relish the warmth than with ice cream, ice cream floats, to be exact.

A recipe that has had my mouth watering is this one from Snixy Kitchen. Snix’s combination of  lavender, earl grey tea and fresh blackberries is a refreshing take on this classic and nostalgic treat. To create something even more creative, ask each person to bring a unique ingredient to experiment with. 

Roasted Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Tacos

As far as food goes, one thing most people can agree on is tacos and understandably so. Tacos cater to people of various dietary preferences and restrictions. 

These Sweet Potato & Black Bean tacos are no exception, a meal even meat lovers can get behind (my husband being one of them). In our house, we often cook up some brown rice for those who can’t eat flour or corn tortillas. Then, we set the table buffet style with guacamole, along with hummus, mixed greens, fresh salsa, japapeños, cheddar cheese and sour cream. Vegan cheese (or no cheese) is easily substituted. 

Argentinian Empanadas 

Latin America offers different versions of these golden pockets of joy, from the tart-like dough to puff pastry to beef, cheese or spinach filling. Argentinian empanadas, however, remain my favorite. This Beef Empanada recipe from Bon Appetit’s Gaby Melian offers the classic Argentine way of making these treats. 

Accomplishing the ribbon like fold requires practice. You and your guests may fail more times than not. However, this adds to the magic of making these with others. After all, it’s about the process and the time spent with each other, is it not?

Nectarine Pizza with Basil & Balsamic

Similar to tacos, pizza allows a lot of freedom for guests of differing preferences and allergies. A recipe that has lingered on my Pinterest for far too long is this fresh Nectarine Pizza, which is just in time for spring.

While pizza dough is often a daunting prospect, Alexandra from Alexandra’s Kitchen includes a recipe for simple homemade dough as well as unique options for toppings. 

Again, don’t be limited to the ingredients in the recipe. Let it inspire you to experiment with various toppings and flavors! 

Other unique pizza recipes:
Beet Pesto Pizza with Kale & Goat Cheese 
Strawberry Basil Pizza with Balsamic Glaze 
Hummus Flatbread with Sundried Tomato & Pesto 

Do you enjoy time in the kitchen? What recipes or foods do you like making with people?

Image via Kat Borchart, Darling Issue No. 19

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