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Adventure is a tricky word. It is subjective, vague. It can be a perilous voyage on raging seas, or calmly speaking our mind over coffee with a friend. But we know this: adventure takes an individual out of their comfort zone and calls them to action. When we accept that call and journey forth, we change from who we were to who we were meant to become.

We can also enjoy someone else’s escapades without budging from our seat. You can sprawl out with a novel under a tree and comfortably witness danger and pass judgment on what a character should or should not be doing. Take another sip of your lemonade. Get back into the book, temperately, as you would a cake you’re trying not to eat too quickly. And in the comfort of the morning air: decide to be more daring, be ready for your call to action, and say yes to your own adventure.

Read these the next time you find yourself searching for a little escape:

Mama Day, by Gloria Naylor
Ophelia and George fall in love in New York, and visit Ophelia’s grandmother and her great-aunt, Mama Day, on Willow Island off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. A sense of strange magic floats from the pages themselves. Infused with reminiscence of slave ancestors, folklore and magic, the island pulls the couple in from their stark realism of New York life and changes both of them irrevocably.

State Of Wonder, by Ann Patchett
When her mentor and colleague goes missing in the Amazon, Dr. Marina Singh embarks on an odyssey that yanks her from her clinical life into a world infested with insects, snakes, poison arrows, medical curiosities, strangers and insecurities. Splendor and devastation coexist in this strange physical and emotional jungle that Marina must ultimately journey through alone. The atmosphere of this book is as wonderfully thick and cloying as the Amazon air she must breathe.

Under The Net, by Iris Murdoch
Replete with the unparalleled intelligence and British humor of Murdoch, her early novel follows hack writer and scrounger Jake from the moment his current girlfriend (and benefactor) dumps him. With his companion/manservant, Jake searches for an old girlfriend and her sister and is pulled into hilarious and strange situations that include a riot on a film set in Rome, and the kidnapping of a dog actor. You will likely laugh out loud and feel like a smart person because, you know, it’s Murdoch.

What is your favorite tale of adventure?

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