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Entertaining is a labor of love and with so many things to do, why not make it easier on yourself with this simple and eye catching appetizer. Whether you are in a time crunch and it’s right before go-time, or you need something to make ahead of your guests arriving, this is the perfect solution. I love this dish because it is colorful, fresh and delicious. Summer rolls are healthy and you can easily prepare them in under 20 minutes because they don’t require any cooking time. This means less clean up for you!

Try these raw summer rolls, you won’t regret it.

Rainbow Spring Rolls
8 Rice Wrappers
1/2 Cup of Raw Carrots, cut matchstick
1/2 Cup of Raw Red Beet, cut matchstick
1/2 Cup of Raw Yellow Beet, cut matchstick
1/2 Cup of Raw Cucumber, cut matchstick
1/2 Cup of Raw Red Bell Pepper, cut matchstick
1/2 Cup of Raw Pea Sprouts or Sunflower Sprouts
1/2 Raw Avocado, sliced thin

Almond Butter Sauce
4 tsp of Almond Butter
1 tsp of Soy Sauce
1/2 tsp of Honey
2 tsp of Water
Optional: Add Red Pepper Flakes or Hot Sauce for a little kick

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Fill a large shallow bowl or plate with warm water. Dip rice wrapper in water until it softens. Then lay rice paper on cutting board flat. To assemble, look at the circular rice paper roll and divide it into half, in the bottom half closest to you add your selection of fresh ingredients. You don’t have to use all the ingredients listed, but select at least 4 so that the roll is full enough without over stuffing. Take a pinch of each and lay them down on top of one another, start small until you get the hang of it. Next, fold the lip of circular rice paper wrapper over your ingredients, as if you were rolling a burrito. Then fold in the sides over the lip and continue rolling until your ingredients are completely enclosed inside your rice wrapper roll. Now repeat 7 more times! (Note: This dish is best made and served fresh, but if you are making it ahead cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator. They will stick together so place plastic wrap between each roll to avoid rolls sticking.) Before service cut summer rolls on the diagonal and set on plate with dipping sauce.

Sauce Directions:
In a small bowl mix together ingredients and serve with summer rolls. Adjust for desired sweetness and saltiness level using honey and soy sauce.

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Images by Emily Reiter


  1. This fresh morsel is a lovely summer option. The colorful wraps are packed with goodness and accomplish a wide range of textures. The complementing vegetables offer an array of tasted perfectly accented by the savory almond butter. This is a wonderful recipe for summer brunch or a poolside afternoon.

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