Whether creatively inspired, sustainably and ethically produced, or natural and healing for your body, it’s our pleasure to share with you some of the best products we just can’t keep to ourself.


Circle Necklace / Miriam Designs
Why we love it: Miriam Designs are rooted in heart, hope, and a desire to see women’s lives empowered and transformed. This Nashville-based jewelry company not only employs women who are transitioning out of addiction and recovery, but their products are handmade and the perfect mix of simple + bohemian.
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Scented Pyres Blackbird
Why we love it: Though burning incense has long been known to alleviate stress and calm the mind, it’s also been unfairly cast as something only for the crunchy, hippie tree-hugger type. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised by Blackbird’s scented pyres. They’re reigniting the appeal of incense by creating unexpected scents from a perfume base. We like the Muru best at the office — it burns cleanly, with a fresh scent and relatively little smoke.
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Glitter Nail Polish / Julep
Why we love it: A little glitter can go a long way, whether it’s sealing in your colored polish or providing a speckle of barely-there glam. Julep offers an array of shades (named after women who inspire them) for any season, and we love that their products are formulated without toxins like formaldehyde, toluene and DBPs.
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Olive Oil / Ancient Olive Trees
Why we love it: There are a lot of things in this day and age we could get by without. Good olive oil, however, shouldn’t be one of them. Salads, dips, and vegetables (to name a few) get much more interesting with a drizzle of the peppery goodness that comes from a quality bottle of EVOO, and we particularly love this variety from California producer Ancient Olive Trees. Their early harvests produce an oil that’s rich and distinctive in flavor, thanks to being pressed within hours of picking. Try it dripped over some garlic toast or as a finishing glaze with roasted sprouts. Mmm.

Facial Serum Bundle / Spa Heros
Why we love it: The organic/natural beauty game can be a challenging one to navigate clearly. With so many bad-for-you and superpower ingredients to simultaneously avoid and include in your daily regimen, we love how this monthly subscription service aims to make it easy for every woman to use beauty products that actually benefit her health, rather than diminish it. They combine education on why certain ingredients are winners and why others are villains, while also introducing you to a new full-sized healthy beauty product each month. Darling readers can use the code HEROLOVE to get $10 off their first subscription (through March 1, 2015).
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Rose Gold Watch / Nixon
Why we love it: A classic timepiece should be a staple in every woman’s closet, allowing her to keep an eye on the time without having to be smartphone dependent 24/7. Available within a range of price points, we love that these pieces are designed to blend effortlessly with any style, while still being beautiful enough to stand out on their own.
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Market Tote / This Bag Saves Lives
Why we love it: Already fans of This Bar Saves Lives (for a refresher on why, see our feature with Kristen Bell in Darling Issue No. 9), it was a no-brainer that we’d also champion this tote bag designed by Kristen in collaboration with Apolis Global. The sale of one bag provides a malaria treatment for one person in need, so not only is it made from quality material (100% vegan jute with a waterproof lining) but it also serves a world-changing purpose. How could we not love that?

Image via Milena Mallory

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