Alarm rings. 5am. Quick shower, check emails over breakfast. Drive into the office. Traffic jams as far as the eye can see. Late for the 8am meeting. 4, 5, 6 hopeful co-workers chorus in requests of (not-so) small favors, due by closing. Laptop dies, printer jam, time to get lunch. Wait in line for 20 minutes, eat fast or you’ll be late! Quick phone conference with the boss, add three things to the to-do list. Oh- it’s 5pm! Time to head back.

Traffic jam, yet again, put on your lipstick in the car. Change in the bathroom, hurry up! It’s your sister’s birthday dinner. Happy birthday, I’ve got to go, choir practice in ten minutes. Blot the lipstick, break your heel, think, Why am I doing this? No time for complaining, change your shoes, almost time for your solo! Wait- where’d that sheet music go? Speed home, pick it up, three minutes late.

11pm, check your email, do you have any missed calls? Exhaustion. Falling asleep, thinking, can I handle this again?

Life gets busy. Deadlines, relationships, and the attempt to balance everything (expected and unexpected) that comes our way can be draining. Finding oasis through the busy, stressful, chaos of the desert is what keeps us attentive, inspired, and present.

How do you find pause in the busyness of life?
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  1. I love to start the day with Jesus before I do anything. Even if it means setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier it is worth it because I know that my day will be maximized by a time of prayer, reading, and seeking the Lord. I know I am doing myself some good because if I do not pause to lay my heart and hands open to the Creator, I know that my perspective is not in check.

    Other times throughout the day I enjoy yoga because it allows me to individually key-in and exercise is something that brings me to a place of positive energy that carries me through the rest of the days activities.

  2. Listen to something inspiring while getting ready for the day. Read outside in the park during lunch. Light a candle at your work desk. Bring flowers home. Allow for a couple of nights ‘in’ a week to rejuvenate regularly. Bake or cook – ‘just because’. Sleep in silk. And for 7+ hours. Pray. Journal. Write a letter to a friend. Read a magazine on the sofa. Water your plants. These are a few ways I regularly pause to remember that the small things are what make us human.

  3. I try to schedule time for myself. Whether it’s going for a run, doing yoga, or getting a pedicure, sometimes it’s nice to be alone and enjoy just being with me.

  4. Respect yourself and your time to just say no to requests/obligations that are not essential to your life, your family or your job. Outsource what you can. Focus your energies on priorities.

  5. I bike to work. It serves as a form of meditation for me (I meditate doing mindless activities like walking, biking or running as opposed to just sitting still).

  6. Taking time to read is restful to me. And if my work schedule allows it, I take naps. Life has so much more clarity for me after a cat nap.

  7. My morning meditations make my world go round. They leave me with peace in my mind and allow me to take on the day with a calm heart.

  8. To be honest, I found this pause in life with adding more work: my blog. Nothing gives me more pleasure and relaxation than my blog. I am my own boss there, I surround myself with things I love, I research what I am interested in,…I am just me. It is really funny, but by adding my blog to my life 7 months ago, and people might think it’s so much more, I found the perfect way to relax myself.
    xoxo, Ronja

  9. I haven´t find a way. I´m very apprehensive and anxious, I would love to “care a little less”

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