A table with coffee, a cup and plate

Morning Coffee

I sipped my morning coffee today
In remembrance of you.

It was very sweet at first,
like our short conversations throughout the day
and the afternoon walks we took
when the weather was calm.
It was like our moments of silence
before we drifted off to sleep
and the small tunes you’d hum to
wake me up.
It was like your gentle smile
after a satisfying ending
to the books you’ve always wanted to read.

But the aftertaste was bitter
almost like our differences that drifted us apart.
The late night conversations that mostly consisted of
Constant disappointment.
And in the end, separation.
It was like
our last moment together
shared with borderline madness and grey tears.

I still drink my morning coffee every day.
I’m learning how to take in the caffeine,
appreciate the bitterness,
and notice the accentuated flavors.

Someday, I hope that I’ll forget that coffee was ever bitter
and enjoy everything else from it.

Image via Raisa Zwart Photography

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