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What I love the most about my home (besides who I share it with) is that it offers warmth and welcome within a functional lived-in space. What do other people like about my house? Usually people appreciate the personal touches. In fact, the compliment I most often receive from visitors relates to our innovative kitchen pantry door. Using a can of chalkboard paint, an otherwise ordinary door was transformed into the perfect memo board—and a central place to jot down shopping and “to do” lists.

This undertaking was proof that we don’t need to jeopardize the character of our home in the quest to keep things orderly and practical. Inventive do-it-yourself projects are a wonderful way to help us pull this off, by adding to your home’s charm, individuality and organization. And at the same time they kindle our creativeness!

Chalkboard paint can be applied to décor pieces or to the interior structure of your home—making a rewritable surface of almost anything. Before dipping your brushes, here are a few tips:

– Prep your surface by lightly sanding glossy or smooth surfaces. Or use a primer.
– Paint a minimum of 3 coats. Let painted surface completely dry between each coat.
– Let dry a minimum of 24 hours after final coat.
– Once everything is good and dry, be sure to condition your board by rubbing a piece of chalk sideways on the painted surface.
– Wipe clean with damp cloth and let dry.

Now that you know what you’re doing, we can dive into a few clever ways with chalkboard paint. These crafts are so easy. All you need is a can of chalkboard paint, a smooth finish roller, and of course, a good idea!

– Give an old mirror or thrift shop frame a second chance, and create a charming memo board.
– Fashion your own striking gift wrap or tags—experiment with bags, bottles or boxes.
– Paint the tops of tin or jar lids to label food containers or office and craft supplies.
– Transform wooden craft sticks or tongue depressors into herb markers.
– Make a gift—try painting a serving tray, cork board coasters or placemats, or even small ceramic plant pots.

Though chalkboard paint can be purchased at hardware stores or crafts stores, it’s easy to make at home. Simply mix one cup of paint in a container (color and type of your choice) and 2 Tablespoons non-sanded tile grout (available at home improvement stores) thoroughly so there are no lumps. So easy, right?

Image via Camille Styles

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