Valentine’s Day is a great reason to not only celebrate those that you love in your life, but also your friendships. This Saturday, why not go all out with some pink, gold and glam and host a girlfriends brunch? Get intentional with a few gifts, maybe a handwritten Valentine, and a few delicious bites to praise the women who have seen you through thick and thin. After all, it’s our friendships that are worth celebrating, right?

To add a little whimsy to your brunch, here is a quick centerpiece DIY and a simple-yet-sweet, crafty cocktail to kick it all off in style.

Hanging Yarn Chandelier DIY

You’ll Need:
3 packages of classic yarn in any combination of colors (found at Joann’s)
Craft scissors
1 bottle of matte spray paint (such as Montana Gold from Blick Art Supply)  
1 large tree branch, measuring at least 3 feet in length
Fishing line (optional)
Push Pins

(A day in advance, spray paint the branch according to the below.)

1. Line an outdoor space that is well ventilated with newspaper, an old bed sheet or blanket at least 5 ft x 5 ft.

2. Lay branch in the center of lined area and, using the matte spray paint, lightly spray branch until well covered with paint on one side.  Let dry.

3. Turn branch over and repeat step 2 until the entire branch is covered with spray paint.

(One the day of, create yarn tassels as below. Make 6-10 depending on width of branch.)

4. Measure out lengths of yarn to 1 foot each and cut about 30 strands per tassel. Lie side by side in one large bunch.

5. Using one of the 1 ft pieces in the bunch, place the piece perpendicular to the bunch in the center and tie that piece at one end to the center of the remaining pieces of yarn.  This creates a tie to secure to the tassel to the branch (at a later step).

6. Then fold the 30 pieces in half (with the perpendicular center piece tied at the center to the yarn, which will create a large bell shape (tassel)

7. Finally, cut one 2-foot long piece of yarn and wrap around the tassel 10 – 12 times, 2 inches from the top (where the tie was made) to secure the tassel together.

(Finish & hang the yarn chandelier according to the below.)

8. Using the branch, tie the yarn tassels a few inches apart along the branch, at opposing lengths, for a fun, colorful effect.  To secure the hanging centerpiece, use additional yarn or fishing line tied in loops at both ends of the branch and hang from the ceiling above the table, secured with push pins.

9. As an optional idea, you could hang the yarn chandelier on a wall as a backdrop rather than from the ceiling.


Cotton Candy Cocktail

You’ll Need:
1 bottle of sparkling wine or champagne
6 cocktail or champagne flutes
2 – 3 packages of cotton candy (can be found at Oriental Trading Company or at a local grocery store in packs of 10-12)

To make these sweet and visually darling cotton candy cocktails, simply place a mound of cotton candy (about a 1/2 c. to 1 c. in size) in each glass. Place glasses on serving tray. When guests arrive, pour sparkling wine or champagne over cotton candy and enjoy! Note: Cotton candy will start to dampen if left out in air too long. Best to make & serve within 10 minutes.

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day treats?

Images via Katie Beverly Photography; Styling via Conni Jespersen of Art in the Find; Flowers + Assisting via Taya Glynn of Compass Floral; Wardrobe Assisting via Cecelia Church of Vocabulary Boutique; Jewelry via Love Tatum Jewelry; Desserts via Mallow Mallow; Glassware via House of Andaloo; Tableware via Esselle SF; Invites/Paperwork via Tiny Prints; Venue provided by Scout at Quarters D

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