‘Tis the season … to travel! With Memorial Day now behind us and summer Fridays creating long weekends for many, getting out of town is a must. Yet, nothing weighs down a vacation like excess luggage. At the same time, the fear of spending time without our entire closet to choose from can make it easy to over pack. However, more isn’t always more, and having a bunch of clothes that don’t necessarily fit your needs is a waste of luggage space. The key to smart packing is to narrow your options down to only the most versatile and necessary items.

Part of being able to relax on a holiday is not worrying about anything – including your wardrobe. While that may seem difficult for some, it can be easily achieved with some planning.

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Think Ahead
Consider your itinerary for your time away, and try to plan a specific outfit for each activity.  This will help you stay focused rather than throwing a bunch of miscellaneous outfits into your bag.  Plus, once on vacation – you’ll spend less time fussing over what to wear!

Make A List
If you know ahead of time that you’ll be traveling, make a list on your phone in advance, where you can jot down packing memos as they come to you.  If you’re on the elliptical and you think of a great outfit idea, or are in line at the supermarket and think of something you want to remember to bring – having your thoughts stashed in one place will make it easier once it comes time to actually pack.

Weather Check
You may think you know what to expect from your vacation destination, but always check the weekly forecast right before you go.  Even otherwise balmy destinations can get chilly at night, and you never know when Mother Nature will throw you a curveball.

Color Coordinate
When packing separates, it’s helpful to stay within a color palette so that you can mix and match as needed.  Keeping items versatile will help you be prepared for the unexpected, without needing to bring more clothes.

Travel-Friendly Fabrics
For less fuss, more fun – pack clothes made of fabrics that won’t wrinkle during travel.  Jersey, macramé, rayon and silk are good options that will hold up after being stuffed in a suitcase.

Accessorize Wisely
Every inch and ounce counts when trying to pack light, so choose versatile accessories that work with many outfits. Simple, dainty necklaces and rings that you can wear all summer long are a nice way to add style, even on the beach. Most importantly, don’t over pack when it comes to shoes. Plan your outfits to work with two or three pairs of shoes, maximum, for a long weekend away.

The key to smart packing is to narrow your options down to only the most versatile and necessary items.

Stylish Sandals
Go beyond a basic flip flop, and opt for a sandal in a shiny patent leather, bright neon or embellished with some sparkle.  You don’t need a heel to be dressed up, instead elevate your outfit with a stylish flat sandal that will take you from day to night.

Statement Sunglasses
A funky frame is a great way to add pizzazz to any outfit.  Sunglasses are a high impact, low commitment addition to your travel wardrobe.

Mini Please
These days, just about every beauty product on the market is available in a miniature version.  Rather than lugging around full-sized products, stick to those under 3.4 fluid ounces and you’ll not only save space and weight in your bag – you won’t need to check it if you’re flying.

Be Prepared, But Not Too Prepared
If you’re the type to load up on pills and Band Aids “just in case,” try to limit yourself to emergency items only.  Rather than bringing full bottles of medicine and vitamins, take only what you need and stash them in divided pillboxes or an empty Altoid container to save space.  One exception is if you’re going somewhere so remote that a drugstore might actually be tough to find.

What are your tips for packing smart?

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