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I love winter. I look forward to it for months, dancing giddily in the first snow of the year. I love winter for its magic. It’s a season full of candles and twinkling lights, sugar cookies and cider. It’s a time that invites coziness at every turn—warm chairs and fireplaces calling our names.

I love winter for the tradition—the families that come together doing the same things they’ve done for years. I love the familiarity of it and also the romance. Everything is enchanting under a light dusting of snow.

I love winter more than any other season, but by about February I’m ready to see it go. There’s a heaviness to winter that on particularly cold days, seems to chase joy away. Come February, I always find it hard to get out of bed—my skin not wanting to leave the cozy warmth of my covers. And instead of feeling warm and tended to in my glowy house, I begin to feel stifled—itching for sunlight and fresh air.

And so with the arrival of spring, I’m always incredibly grateful.

Spring is a season of newness—fresh life popping up from what was dead for so many months. It’s a time to step out from the heaviness of winter—feeling the warm sunshine for the first time all over again. Spring is a merciful new beginning that invites us to become new right along with it.
But newness isn’t inevitable.

If you’ve ever had a garden, you know that you have to clear away dead things to give life room to grow. The dead plants and the weeds have to be cut away before something new can take root.
And this is true for us as well.

We long for newness in our lives, especially after enduring the long winter months. We want to be new versions of ourselves, peeling away the old with our winter coats and leaving them far behind. And spring is the perfect time to step into something fresh. But for new growth to take root, we need to cut away a few things first.

What in your life needs to be cleared away? Are there relationships that no longer bring you life, or friendships that routinely make you feel small? Do you devote your time to a list of commitments that you secretly dread? Are you stuck under a pile of clutter, just craving a clean slate?

It can be intimidating to let go of things that are familiar, but once the ground is cleared, we can take hold of something fresh—intentionally planting something good and watching it grow.

What can you let go of as we step into these spring months? What new seeds are you going to plant in their place?

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  1. Love this post, Stephanie! Spring is very refreshing and I’m ready for a burst of newness as I let go of fear, doubt, my own power and create more space to write in my days. I have a writing dream and I’m working towards it…finally!

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