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There comes a time in every woman’s life when you wake up, look in the mirror, and want to scream. Perhaps you’ve had the same, long, straight hair since sixth grade? Or maybe you’ve been more adventurous, but now, if you look real close, the ends aren’t just split in two—they’re split into threes and fours. Or if you’re like me, maybe you look in the mirror and are just a little bit bored with the same old, same old.

But haven’t you heard? It’s a new year! And while plenty of people are out there criticizing other people’s resolutions that they may or may not keep—I, for one, am all about change. In fact, I love that at this time of year, we’re reminded that our lives can change and we can move forward and start anew. Why not?

And what better way to mark the start of a new season in life than by a fresh new haircut? Maybe even a daring one. When you look in the mirror, a drastic external change can be a daily reminder to boldly face whatever 2013 brings with confidence and spunk.

Here, Nashville stylist Stephanie Trail with Salon nFuse, shares a hot new haircut that might just help you have a fresh start in 2013.

If you’re wanting to be a little more daring this year, perhaps it’s time to go for a pixie cut. Check out shorter versions, á la Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Carey Mulligan. Then again, there’s also the slightly longer versions, like Anne Hathaway’s Les Miserables inspired pixie. The look is feminine and effortless, while still having an edge that highlights any woman’s confidence.

What the stylists say: “I think people are tired of long wavy hair” says Stephanie, who has noticed an uptick in pixie-cut requests. “They want something new and fun. And it’s one of those things that once someone does it, it inspires other women to do it too. It’s refreshing!”

A tip: This style works best for women with oval faces, but don’t shy away if that’s not the shape you see in the mirror. “Anyone can pull this off,” Stephanie said. “It’s a matter of getting a look that fits for you.”

Ask for: Lots of texture and fringe around the face and neck. Make sure to mention that you want it to be versatile,” Stephanie said. “Emphasize that you want it to be easy to manage, because if it’s going to be a lot harder than having long hair, then you’re going to hate it.” She explains that clients should make sure to ask that it stays feminine, and ask the stylist not to use clippers—which is what men usually use. Instead, ask for wispy pieces and texture. “Highlights can show off texture, too,” Stephanie said. “If you have a very solid color, highlights can help break it up and look even more feminine.”

After the fact: Use a little bit of product that can give you volume and texture, like Oribe’s dry texture spray or pomade. “You’ll need to get it touched up

every 4-5 weeks,” Stephanie explained. “See if your salon offers neck and bang trims, because that helps you maintain it and keep that fun look to it.” Steer clear of gels and mousse, Stephanie says, because those products can give short hair a greasy look that’s harsh on the eyes. Instead, play around with pinning it up, back, or blow-drying it forward and to either side.

Whatever you choose, it’s about finding a hairstyle that makes you feel increasingly confident in this new year.

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