monthly music mix spring

Think back to when you were a kid. Remember how amazing it felt when the first real day of spring had arrived and you could finally go outside and play?! There was nothing that could hold you back, the energy you’d kept pent up during the cold winter months was practically bursting out of your arms and legs.

Wasn’t that feeling just the best, ever?

Don’t let adulthood fool you; springtime is (and always was) the season of festivities and sport. That energy is still alive and well inside of all of us. Nature is proof enough of that: Animals come out of hibernation, flowers open up and sing, the ocean warms with the sky and all the feels point to renew, refresh.

April’s music mix is an aggregation of brand new tunes, picked for their crisp and refreshing sound to match this glorious season. Brush off the dust and open the windows wide to let Spring 2016 sweep you off your feet!

Image via Michelle Madsen

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