“In art and dream may you proceed with abandon.” – Patti Smith

Inspiration is sneaky. It can come from any angle, any direction, in any form. The trick is to answer its call when inspiration comes knocking. While we all have different outlets to stoke our creativity, oftentimes music can link us to a certain feeling of wonder and imagination. September, in particular, can feel like a fresh canvas, so this playlist has been catered to spark the visionary spirit within.

Dream on, dreamers.

How are you getting inspired this month?

Image via spiritual gangster


  1. This is SUCH a delightful mix — thank you for such inspiring music, from amazing artists that I think need to be more well-known for their talent.
    I am appreciative!

    1. Clara, I’m so sorry! Here’s a tracklist for you…but, just curious, what sort of media player would be useful to you in Quebec?

      1. “Gooey” – Glass Animals
      2. “Running Up That Hill” – Chromatics
      3. “Falling – II” – Lace Curtains
      4. “Runaway” – Mr Little Jeans
      5. “Everything’s Fine” – Minks
      6. “Icarus” – White Hinterland
      7. “Echo” – NONONO
      8. “East of Eden” – Zella Day
      9. “Sway” – Anna Of The North
      10. “Terracotta” – Garden City Movement
      11. “River” – Ibeyi
      12. “Tears for Animals” – CocoRosie
      13. “Rocket” – Working for a Nuclear Free City
      14. “Wide Eyes” – Local Natives
      15. “Spare Me” – Faded Paper Figures
      16. “No End” – Jaakko Eino Kalevi
      17. “Inside Out” – Spoon
      18. “Aquarium” – Nosaj Thing

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