Dressing a growing bump is no easy task. Every week, the pregnant body changes its shape, making it difficult to curate a wardrobe that works without breaking the bank. Now that I’ve made it to full term with my first pregnancy, I can confidently say that I’ve been there and I know the challenges firsthand.

And for that reason, I want to share a few key tips I’ve learned for staying stylish while growing a little person within.


Set Aside What Doesn’t Fit
Nothing will make you feel bad about your growing body (and fog your style!) quite like a closet full of clothes you can’t wear. Find some storage bins and move out the pieces you can’t wear anymore as you grow — this will help not only with positive body image, but also with outfit choices. While it seems counterintuitive, it’s much easier to put together a look when you have a streamlined wardrobe rather than a ton of not-quite-right clothes clogging up your space.

Keep It Versatile
Unless you have unlimited funds, you likely aren’t prepared to buy a brand new wardrobe just for the 40 weeks you’ll be pregnant. While there are affordable options out there these days, the cost of new clothes adds up quickly. Even if you love to wear bold, bright colors, let neutrals become your best friend during this season of your life — at least for your base pieces. That way you can keep your wardrobe simple and minimalistic, making it ideal for mixing and matching, while also being a perfectly versatile canvas to add accessories to.

Also, don’t be afraid to get non-maternity clothes that are swingy or come in soft, stretchy fabrics. Not only will that give you more options to choose from as you buy, you also will be able to wear them post-pregnancy with just a little bit of tailoring.

Find some storage bins and move out the pieces you can’t wear anymore as you grow — this will help not only with positive body image, but also with outfit choices.

Once you have a good wardrobe base, you can use accessories to really express your personal style. They add personality and give more wear to any given outfit. Scarves, jewelry, hats, shoes and even your hairstyle serve to add visual interest, and make something as basic as a black dress look fresh from wear to wear. It’s amazing how different that dress can look one day with a fedora hat and pendant necklace and another with a bright scarf and braided hair.

Consider Your Pre-Pregnancy Style (And Climate)
The closer you stay to your pre-pregnancy style, the more comfortable you’ll feel in your pregnancy body. There are so many things that are changing and out of control when you’re pregnant, why make your style one of those things? Of course, you likely won’t dress exactly the same way as you did before, because clothes will fit differently on your evolving shape, but staying true to the essence of what’s you can be a wonderful thing. (For example, while I mostly traded in jeans — my favorite — for dresses during pregnancy for the sake of comfort, I stayed true to the casual-chic vibe I had before.)

Another consideration, of course, is the weather. Obviously, the type of clothes you end up investing in will depend on the climate of where you live. If it’s cold, you’ll get a lot of wear out of pants and tops. If it’s warmer, dresses might be a better investment for you (especially since you tend to feel warmer when you’re pregnant!). As you start to invest in your maternity wardrobe, think about what the weather will be like by the time you are between 12-20 weeks. That’s the window of time when your old clothes will stop working for you and you’ll need to add in maternity-friendly options that work for the season.

What tips have you learned to help maintain your personal style during pregnancy?

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  1. Keep in mind anything you wear for the first and second trimester can work very well postpartum while your body heals and goes back to its new normal.
    Wrap dresses, v-necks and slouchy/blousey tops are great for breastfeeding and for accommodating shrinking abdomen and voluptuous breasts 🙂

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