“It’s a necessity.” Say it enough times, or pair it with an attractive item, and it becomes almost true. When it’s said to an expectant mother as she gazes at anything made for baby, it’s an absolutely fact. With entire stores devoted to wrapping, decorating, and adorning baby, is it any wonder we can forget how refreshingly little a newborn truly needs?

In a quest to save yourself the time and money that the traditional essentials checklist will require, here are some minimalist suggestions for the necessities of your baby’s first six weeks of life:

Newborn Layette – The newborn phase is rarely considered glamorous, but simplicity is graceful and practical at any time. Onesies are, in the opinion of many a mother, the best baby basic ever invented. On a newborn, they double as everything from an undershirt to a “little black dress”. Add several pairs of socks, knit pants, and pajamas to complete your little one’s layette. Remember, you can layer for cooler weather!

Diapers – Once you’ve decided on either cloth or toss-away, you can then explore the options for either. A personal favorite are the Honest Co. diapers since they are plant-based, gentle and free from the most common allergens.

Swaddling Blankets – It may take a while to get used to swaddling a wiggly baby, but once you get it down, you’ll reap the benefits of it as a soothing technique and its ability to create longer sleep periods.

Bassinet or Moses Basket – The main goal is to have a safe place for baby to sleep that can also been carried from room to room. Since these can rarely be used for longer than a few months, you might even want to consider borrowing one from a friend.

Diaper Bag – I only had one goal for my diaper bag: I didn’t want it to actually look like a diaper bag. I succeeded by buying an adorable leather bag, which was in fact a large purse. Thankfully, times have changed and there are many beautiful diaper bags to carry, but don’t rule out finding a purse that could fit the bill too.

Baby Carrier – Keep them close and give yourself the option of being able to hold baby hands-free. Your days will become much more productive with a hand or two to spare!

Car Seat – It may seem a tad obvious, but you will indeed need a car seat for baby.

By keeping simplicity a goal with your baby’s essentials, you’ll have a better idea of what you want once you do decide to purchase, but you’ll also know exactly what you and your baby honestly need. It’s never too early to start teaching baby about what truly matters in life.

What items have you found to be must-haves for your newborn? 

Image via Sarah Maizland


  1. Ashley, this is a great list!! I love anything from Mustela for baby’s bathtime. I still use on my kids and sneak some for myself now and then. Their cradle cap product works great too. Of course, I always carry a little lanolin for nipples and tushies too. Keep the baby talk coming! Best, jen

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