mothers day story

I remember as a little girl watching my mother each night get ready for bed. The bathroom door would open as steam and the smell of ivory soap would pour out into the hallway. Lotion would be slathered on, pumped from a cheap economy sized bottle and the talc she sprinkled on her skin, before putting on her long nightgown, would leave a light dusting on the grey tile floor.

I would breath in the smells. I loved these moments of observing her femininity amidst a house full of boys. I longed for the day when I would be twisting open small glass jars of ‘plumping serum’ and applying eye creams that were received in a free sampler from the Avon lady. In these moments I longed to be held by her warm body and lay my head on her flannel lap while we watched TV, even if it made her feel uncomfortable.

What is a “mom moment” that you treasure?

Image via Aysegül Karatekin

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  1. That was such a sweet memory to read. I think one of my oldest and dearest memories is when I was super young, 4 years old, maybe. I remember my mom, singing “Rock a Bye Baby” to me after I’d taken a bath. I was all snuggled up in a big towel, and she’d sing to me as she rocked me. She wasn’t a great singer, but it didn’t matter 🙂

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