It’s that time of year again; the day that some of us look forward to with great anticipation and others dread for the cliché, Hallmark holiday that it can be.

Generic gifts, cornball cards and disposable décor, all lacking originality, are the things clichés are made of. So whether you’re planning a quiet evening in with someone special, a festive Galantine gaiety or an all-day self-love celebration, do the planet and your wallet a favor: Don’t litter your home with cardboard hearts, shiny Mylar balloons, plastic cups and paper plates. Instead, invest in fresh seasonally-appropriate décor that can withstand more than one use.

Here are some resourceful yet simple ways to amp up the lovey vibes, sans the cheese, this Valentine’s Day:

Set the mood.

Lighting is perhaps the most important element in design. It has the power to transform spaces and moods. String lights are versatile for creating a fun party vibe or a romantic ambient glow; meaning, you’ll put them to use over and over again.

Votives are an obvious choice too, especially with votive holders like these peach and copper ones sprinkled throughout.

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Update the color scheme.

Red and green are to Christmas what hot red and bubblegum pink are to Valentine’s Day, but consider switching up the color palette this year.

Try a monochromatic palette such as peach and coral. Play up a metallic with rose and gold. For a more vivid palette, try black, white and lilac. Not only will this add a level of sophistication to your holiday décor, it won’t feel too V-Day specific, so you can keep it around for spring or bring it back out for your next gathering.

If you favor tradition and can’t imagine the holiday apart from a good dose of red and pink, choose a timeless print, like batik or block print, to whip up your own napkins or use as a table runner.

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Add sparkle.

It’s thoughtful detail that makes a thing memorable; sparkle is the magic to any holiday. Sparkle comes in the form of gilded rim stemware and geode coasters, twinkle lights, edible rose petals and heart-shaped sparklers.

Granted, some of these won’t make it to next year’s celebration, but the extra razzle-dazzle will go a long way to making your holiday personalized and anything but ordinary.

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Be pragmatic.

A pretty tablescape, newly updated bar cart and cupcakes garnished with edible roses are great and all, but let’s not forget about the practical stuff for when the festivities are over and its time to cuddle up on the sofa with a good book or your favorite Netflix series.

Liven up your living space with a couple of pillows and a throw that work with your color scheme; these last long after the party, or even the holiday, is over. Also, steer clear of the scented candles, which are mostly toxic and typically only last hours; invest in a diffuser and a few essential oils instead. You’ll be reaping the benefits long-term.

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However you choose to celebrate this year, remember that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Love yourself, love others; love your space; love the planet and love your wallet for years to come.

Featured Image via Katie Kopan

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  1. Erin,
    I really appreciate how directly you give us fresh ideas for our enjoyment. It keeps me reading and wanting to hear more from you. The ideas are also great because they are simple, somethings that even someone with absolutely no design eye can grab hold of and make a simple change. Keep writing. It is so enjoyable

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