What sets humans apart from the rest of creation is the ability to use our minds to imagine, critique, reason, or create ideas.

Animals do not “think” about what they are going to do in the morning, or create art for art’s sake. Our brains are incredibly powerful, which makes them capable of the greatest good, but also the darkest evils. Since power is easily corruptible, we must guard our minds carefully—what we visually and audibly take in, and where we allow our minds to wander. Although the heart, mind, and spirit are all interconnected, it seems as though the mind has the greatest influence. Literally, we think, we speak. We think, we create. We think, we act. We think, we feel. What you imagine you are, you literally become.

Darling believes it is beautiful and attractive to be an educated, intelligent woman with gentle opinions and good questions. We want to encourage our minds to grow and thrive in intellect—learning about the world, debating current events, culture, books, and modern and ancient thought. There can never be enough learning. You are smart. You can know interesting facts. Your opinion matters. In regard to having a healthy mind, you can control your thoughts, you can be positive; you can change your perspective into something brighter. You can speak wisdom to others, and be a valuable, culture-molding voice in your own community. When hope grows and negativity is set at bay, love, grace, and care for others can truly change the world.

After all, beauty is not just skin deep. Being an interesting conversationalist is of high value. A woman with a sharp mind, quick wit, and a wise soul will never fail to intrigue everyone in the room.

Albert Einstein said, “All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works its way out. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

What do you believe is the difference between imagination and knowledge?


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