We love to admire figures like Mother Teresa, who literally embodied service in their being and gave their lives for others. Some days we long to leave our reality and sail across the world to help those in need. Yet we often find ourselves trapped in our day job, reading world news about the latest crisis or epidemic; our hearts break for the pain others are experiencing, but we don’t know what to do, and feel helpless. We know we are part of the solution for ending human suffering, but feel at a loss for where to start.

The word humanitarian means: having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people. Interestingly enough, the word is also an adjective, which means to be a humanitarian is to live in an active state of caring. Most psychologists will suggest in a counseling session that a person dealing with depression, anxiety, or even selfishness should start serving others. They actually “prescribe” this as part of the solution for gaining self-worth and mental health. Serving others helps correct our perception of ourselves, and Darling believes that travel also helps us care about the world more deeply. We must touch, taste, and feel our way through various cultures in order to understand and love those different from us.

Many activists believe world problems such as poverty, hunger, and clean water stem from lack of proper distribution of the world’s resources. Imagine the difference it would make if every woman and man we know said, “I will do this______,” and actually did it!

Darling believes in movement, tangible change, and service. Some of us can afford to give money to those devoting their lives to a cause, while others can fly across the oceans to help love children in orphanages, feed the hungry, or comfort those rescued from the sex trade. Some of us can start right in our community by donating clothes and food, starting petitions, or serving the homeless. The opportunities are endless, and the results could be great, but the questions remains: what will we do?

Let’s learn from those activators around us who have started incredible movements, non-profits, or service projects, so we can join in on the cause and bless others and ourselves in the process.


Photo Credit: magnoliamerryweather.tumblr.com

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