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In our opinion? The best time to travel is the fall. It’s a season of newness all around and when minds are piqued to take in a different perspective, fresh ideas and eager to explore faraway lands. So, what better time to invite on our next Guest Editor for the Explorer than in September?

Meet Taylor Tippett. She chronicles her adventures as a flight attendant for American Airlines on her blog, A Travelin’ Lady. With an infectious ability to see light in darkness and a deep-seeded desire to spread that joy to others, she first gained our attention through #wordsfromthewindowseat, her campaign to leave inspiring messages for passengers boarding a flight. Since we’re all about using our experiences to not only enrich our lives, but the lives of those around us, we’re excited to share a few of her travels on the blog throughout the month and give you an inside look at a modern-day explorer you’re sure to love.

Here’s a bit more from Taylor herself:

1. Why did you decide to become a flight attendant?

I decided to become a flight attendant for a lot of different reasons. I was a nanny for almost two years in a small beach town on the coast of Florida. One day I started thinking about how I needed a career more stable for me and for the future and family I wanted to build. I started exploring all of my options, scheming about what would be best for me and how I could combine all my passions.

I knew school was not for me and I knew I wanted to do something that had me serving others, traveling, and flexibility. My grandma was a flight attendant for Pan Am, so I called her one day whenever I realized being a flight attendant could be the perfect job. She encouraged me and inspired me with all of her stories and next thing I knew, I was hired by American Airlines!

2. Since you travel as part of your job, what’s one way you keep “work” from spoiling your passion for adventure?

I have really long, hard, exhausting days and I have days that fly by and I forget I am even working. I also have days with mean passengers and then I have days with the most amazing people with the kindest spirits and the most amazing hearts. I travel 24/7 and I live out of my suitcase, so it’s really hard sometimes to want to go out an adventure on my days off. It can be a really big struggle for me. But I think balance is such a healthy part of so many things, especially my work. I’ve been really careful to never push myself to feel the need to HAVE to travel. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean I have to always keep going. Rest is important. I really try to be intentional with my time and my work so that way whenever the time does come to plan some big adventure, I am rested and healthy and ready to go. Balance has been such a helpful tool that has helped me be able to manage both traveling for work and traveling for adventure.

I’ve been really careful to never push myself to feel the need to HAVE to travel. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean I have to always keep going. Rest is important.

3. Tell us about Words From The Window Seat. What prompted it, and what do you hope it inspires in others?

Words From the Window Seat is a photo series I started during a really hard time in my life. I was struggling with such heartache and in the midst of a really unhealthy relationship, so encouragement and hope were things I craved to have surround me as I walked through such a hard time. So, one early morning I wrote the words “be kind to yourself” on a piece of paper and stuck it up on the window seat and decided I was going to share it on my Instagram. I have always been a firm believer in speaking words of truth and boldness, so that’s exactly what I did and kept on doing. My hope for words for the window seat is for people to feel seen, heard, and loved no matter what they are walking through. That’s what matters most.

4. What’s one thing you tell people who are afraid to fly?

Whenever people are scared to fly I just tell them that it’s safer than driving in a car because it truly is. I fly over 15 flights a week and not once have I ever been scared or nervous. Flying is about as safe as it gets.

5. Dream Destination. Where are you itching to explore next?

I just got back form Portugal and it was an actual dream. My next place I am itching to go is Italy. I have heard so much about some really cute small towns and it would be amazing to go explore and see all of them! Anywhere in Europe honestly.

Stay tuned all month as Taylor takes us “aboard” some of her most memorable trips, and in the meantime follow along with her travels on Instagram and Twitter!

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